Thanksgiving Day and Its Historical Significance in Todays’ World

Thanksgiving is widely celebrated in the western countries and considered as a holiday on the fourth Thursday of November month. It originates in the sixteenth century. When a sailing ship named Mayflower crossed the Atlantic and have 102 pilgrims hit by a dreadful storm. The passengers cheered themselves by singing at the board. In the two months of journey and after reaching Plymouth, 46 pilgrims had lost their lives because of the cold weather and had not reach the intended destination, Virginia. The survivors of the disaster learned to grow the food from a native Indian. And continued fasting and prayed to God for the abundant harvest. As a result, they harvest corn, pumpkins, and beans. Corns are considered as the first harvest by the native Americans.

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The five-time Governor William Bradford of Plymouth organized a three- day feast for the celebration of Thanksgiving Day and worship God for the harvest. Since then, the thanksgiving day comes to its realization and celebrated every year. In the late eighteenth century, the first president of the US, George Washington announced the thanksgiving day and later, it is declared as a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Significance of Thanksgiving Day:

  1. How The Thanksgiving Day Is Celebrated? The city was designed for its celebration and people share gifts with their loved ones with a beautiful message on the cards. A variety of dishes are made of potatoes, vegetables and especially Turkey(Bird). In the New York city, one can enjoy the live performance played by the artist on the streets and parades in the city marked an official opening for the Christmas shopping.
  2. The Dish Served On Thanksgiving Day?: On the occasion of Thanksgiving, Turkey is served at dinner. Farmer raise turkey on a large scale for meeting the consumption on the three-day feast. Turkey is consumed on a larger scale on this day, a large number of people can be served by including turkey in the meal. Many people get a hike in their salary on this occasion and meet their loved ones to share love and blessings. Other dishes are made up of potatoes, pumpkin, corn, and cranberry.
  3. Traditions: The thanksgiving day has been celebrated for more than four centuries. The families are more concerned to spend time together and offer prayers to God for his blessings. Moreover, the felicitations are passed for the best future. People organize family meeting on this day for merry-making purpose and children are presented with gifts and enjoy family time with their cousins.

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