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Did you know that language of Java was founded by  Sun Microsystems in the year  1991 is a high-level, general-purpose, object-oriented, and secure language of programming developed started by James Gosling.  Sun Microsystems in the year 1995 changed the name to Java. Sun Microsystem was acquired by Oracle Corporation in the year 2009.

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Basic of Java Programming

If you want to become the master of computer language, so for this you have to first understand the basic syntax and semantic rules for the language of the computer, as well as the various constructions, mathematical operations as well as repetitive programming constructs.

You should also be aware of the various programming object oriented different features of Java, structure of the data and types of Data which is used by Java. If you become mastered in Java basics among various other features that Java offers, so you have to call yourself proficient in the language of Java.

In this blog, we will provide you the basics of all the Java programming topics that we are going to cover in this complete Java programming series.

Meaning of Java syntax

Every programming language has certain rules and regulations that a programmer needs to follow while writing a program.  The respective programming language compiler checks your capability of your Programming for syntax rules and validation.  Programming of Java language also has a lot of concept and components that make it easier for you to write quality language.

What is Java Convention

Here we’ll share with you some conventions of the Java programmers which you need to follow while doing Java programming

  • Name of the Class : The first letter of the class in Java language must be uppercase. For example, a class salary would be designated as “salary” by convention.

If you have a class name that is combined using more than one word then each letter of the first word will be an uppercase letter.

 Just learn with this example, the class MyHappyWorld.
  • Name of Method: In Java language method name start with a lowercase letter.  If the method name contains more than one word, the first letter of these inner words will be uppercase.
  • Name of the Program: Name of the file in Java programming must be the same as the public class name with the extension of “.java”.

 For example, if the public class name is “MyFirstSchoolclass”, you save this code in a file named “”.

  • Sensitive Case: The language of Java programming is case-sensitive. Which means that ‘hi’ and ‘hi’ are two different parameters.
  • The Main Method: Main Method is the introductory point of execution and is a important method in all Java language.

What is Java Identifier

  • Java Identifiers are names given to various programming elements such as methods, classes, variables, objects, and so on.
  • Java Identifier always starts with alphabet (AZ/az) or an underscore character (_) or currency character ($).
  • Java identifier cannot have the same as the Java reserved keyword.
  • In Java Identifier the first character, an identifier can contain combination of characters

Java Programming Modifier

Modifiers change the accessibility of variables, methods, and so on.

Two types of modifiers in Java programming

  • Access Modifiers: In access modifier there are four types such as public, protected, private and default modifier. These are used to define accessibility for packages, classes, class members, and so on.
  • Non-access modifiers: Java programming language supports non-access modifiers also such as final, abstract, and strict. These are used to define inheritance, polymorphism style and many other.

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