Structure Techniques and Language Features Used in English Language

One of the biggest blessings that we, humans, have is the ability to speak. This characteristic differentiates us from animals. The power to communicate exact feelings, expressions, views, and thoughts is by the use of some communicating medium. This medium is the language. Languages play an important role in communication. In this blog, we will discuss the features of the English language. The academic writing experts at BookMyEssay provide help with language features of English. You can contact them online 24 by 7.

What is a Language?

Language may be defined as the system of communication used by some communities. It consists of letters, words used in a structured way and conveyed using speech, writing or gesture. The scientific study of languages is called linguistics. The estimated number of languages in the world varies from 5000 to 7000.

All languages relate signs to a particular meaning. The complex structure of human languages allows a wider range of expression than any other known system of animal communication. Humans acquire language skills by social interaction during early childhood. Languages have a deep connection with human civilization, it goes deep down the human culture.

Languages mature over time and we easily know about these changes by comparing the features of languages spoken in olden times to the features of those spoken today, in modern times. There are language isolates too, which have no connection with living or non-living languages. According to researches, 50% to 90% of the languages spoken at the beginning of the 21st century will be extinct by 2100.

Language Features: The features of the language help the reader better understand the text. The writer uses various techniques and literary devices to make the reader better understand their writings. These devices and techniques make the writing more impressive. The writer uses features like the figure of speech, choice of words, sentence structures, message tones, etc. This blog highlights various language features, structural techniques that are used in the English Assignment Help.

List of Features of English Language Common features of the English language that help us comprehend a language are :
  1. Active listening
  2. Adjective
  3. Articles
  4. Adverbs
  5. Alliteration
  6. Apostrophe
  7. Simile
  8. Metaphor
  9. Hyperbole
  10. Personification
  11. Pathetic fallacy

Structural Features: We have seen the language features of English, now we will know about the structural features of the English language. Structural features are important as they help provide structure to the language. Without structure, a language won't have any meaning.

Following is the list of structural features of the English language

  1. Allusion
  2. Antagonist
  3. Allegory
  4. Ambiguity
  5. Anaphora
  6. Idiom
  7. Imagery
  8. Irony
  9. Juxtaposition
  10. Metaphor
  11. Symbolism
  12. Theme
  13. Zoomorphism

In context to language features, it can be said that it's a vast topic. Studying the language features helps the reader better understand the writings of the writer. Not only this but the reader understands the real meaning behind the writings of the writer. The writer thus engages the reader in its writings by using the best language features and structural features.


In this blog, we have discussed the various features and structural techniques used in the English language. These techniques ultimately help readers to gather information. If any student or professional wants to gather information regarding the Structural features the English language uses plus the techniques too, they can contact online, BookMyEssay.

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