Strategies of Employee Loyalty and Other Influencing Factors

Employee loyalty has already attracted huge attention from the practitioners since high employee loyalty plays a significant role in the success of the company. Mostly the researchers concentrate on the relationship between employee loyalty and employee motivation. They also concentrate on the relationship between commitments, employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, and engagement, especially in general companies. However, there are few kinds of research that connect all these factors and aim at understanding the relationship between performance appraisal, employee motivation, and employee loyalty, especially in the context of a particular company. This research focuses on understanding the clear relationship between two critical factors that have influenced employee loyalty, including performance appraisal and motivation. The writers of BookMyEssay provide genuine academic content in HR assignment help.

Factors Influencing Employee Loyalty

The two factors that mainly influence employee loyalty are performance appraisal and motivation. This can be achieved through specific case study research methods supported by the semi-structured interviews, thus gathering data from secondary sources that include internet sources, literature, and primary data. With the influence of a company’s effective motivation and performance appraisal system, the employee shows excellent loyalty towards the company. There are several benefits with motivating employees, and there is an entirely appropriate appraisal system for reviewing the staff performance, which all can enhance the employees’ loyalty. This research concerning the strategies of employee loyalty has both practical and academic implications that would contribute towards the staff performance within the companies. Through the errorless contents of the HR assignment helpthe students can better know about the basic principles of human resource management.

Parameters of Employee Loyalty

Employee motivation forms to be one of the parameters of employee loyalty that often helps manage human resources. The managers of a company who are involved in the strategies of motivation mean to provide meaningful and quality people, educate and motivate them and even get them useful information and knowledge for developing them to achieve high results that contribute to the company. As per the tasks of human resources management in the organizations, it mainly concerns with the support of the achievement of competitive advantages with the help of the employees that emphasizes investment and employee motivation in the development of knowledge, behavior, and skills. It also involves in the contribution to the success of an organization. According to the research, it shows that the success of several companies is linked to the quality of performance of the activities and functions concerning the creation of a good organizational climate and culture, compensation and benefits along with the existence of learning and training programs. To access the knowledge of human resources, the student can refer to the contents of assignment writing help in UK.

Financial Parameters of Employee Loyalty

The motivational techniques are divided into financial and non-financial parameters, where the direct financial parameters include fees, salaries, and travel costs. On the contrary, the indirect financial parameter provides education, social benefits, security, and other benefits such as paid annual leave. According to several studies, it shows that money becomes an absolute means of motivation. At the same time, more of it appreciate the indirect financial rewards such as courses, training, seminars, involvement in specific projects, free use of professional literature, etc. To access the contents of human resource assignment help online, the students can refer to our official website.

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