What Is Statistics? Let’s Explore Something More About It

What is Statistics?

The simplest definition of statistics may be that it is the art of data presentation, compilation, and interpretation. A good statistician stands apart from the others if these three processes are impressive enough. But this presentation or compilation or interpretation is not easy. You should have sharp analytical and logical skills to do all these tasks flawlessly.

Statistics assignments writing guide have a wide range of topics. They may be basic as well as advance. Statistics has the wide range of tools to study and interpret this data to be used in various forms. The statistical study starts with a group called sample. Various data sources are used to collect data for that sample to be studied. The statisticians acquire this data and then organize and analyze it. Various mathematical models are used to interpret this data in both qualitative and quantitative ways.

Statistics can be studied under two headings:
  1. Descriptive Statistics: Here the main motive is to calculate the quantities which describe the given data. Various methods like mean, median and mode are used to calculate the average or center of the given data. The spread out of the data is expressed by the range and standard deviation. The Regression Analysis and correlation shows us that how the data is paired.
  2. Inferential Statistics: When we start with a sample and then try to infer something from it, it is called inferential statistics. This area of statistics involves hypothetical testing. A hypothesis is made and then statistical tools are used to test that whether that hypothesis should be accepted or rejected.

What to know more about statistics?

Statistics is a vast subject and cannot be studied to its full extent. There is always something new to be studied and learned. Careful use of analytical and logical skills in statistical operations may render an employee gain an important position in the company.

  • Analytical Skills: These skills render an employee to see the numerical data from a different perspective. He not only calculates the data by different methods but can also give different productive interpretations for better decision making. The different tools used in the analysis are:
    1. Mean: It is the mathematical average expressed as arithmetic mean and geometric mean.
    2. Variance: It is used in risk analysis. More the variance from mean deviation more will be the risk.
    3. Regression Analysis: It is used to determine the relationship between dependent variable with one of the independent variables.
  • Logical Skills: Logic means reasoning. Employees having strong logical skills are given promotions quickly as their decision making is based on data facts and not on pure emotions. The various logical thinking examples used in Statistics are:
  1. Conducting research tests on the market to know customer orientation about a product.
  2. Analyzing qualities of most productive sales staff and devising recruitment profiles.
  3. Analyzing past leadership activities of prospective candidates and then deciding who will be the team leader.

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