Some Real-World Examples of Database

The database is an actual need in information technology. Without it, no one can access information, data, or anything else. The database is something that has organized the collection of data, information into the computer system. With the help of a database all the data can be easily accessed, updates, controlled, managed, and modified. Normally, a database is managed by DBMS i.e., Database Management System. In simple words, a database organizes data or information in such a way that it becomes easy to access data, modify it or update it. If you need database assignment help then you are at the right place because here you will get all the real-world database examples that you might not even realize.

The database has a very extensive impact on everyone’s life as it is everywhere. Say it is an application, file, photograph, or a movie you watch, it supports everything you use or watch. Widely used and popular database servers are MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite, etc.

Real-World Examples:

These examples are going to help if you are searching for database assignment help. If you are loaded with too much assignment work then you can also find for online assignment writer to make your work easy. Given below are the examples Gaming: Gaming requires high database software as it has to keep all the data organized from all the information of a player to all the players all around the world. It is simply a data-intensive system. Even games like Minecraft, Hypixel includes intensive data and requires high database software. Even the popularity of individual gaming servers is increasing nowadays. Finances: Your local bank to stock market everything needs information, data. The database is extensively used in the world of finance. In this sector, extremely powerful and secured database software is required and used for tracking all the information regarding global transactions. Social Media: A large amount of information is stored in the databases on every social media platform. Every user contains a huge amount of data and it requires powerful database software to collect it all in one platform and keep it organized. Social media uses varieties of databases and the choices differ according to the platform. Some social media platforms like Facebook use MySQL, Instagram uses PostgreSQL and Cassandra. ECommerce: Any business organization that sells their products or gives their service online then there is always a need for a database to operate everything smoothly. A database helps in organizing all the products, pricing, customers, chat section, payment, etc. One can even recommend their products to their customers by proper usage of a database. Tracking of all the products, sales, history can also be done easily with the help of a database. Online Video Streaming: Online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., use the database to track all the records of the TV shows and movies that are available for service. A proper organization of storing information of the user, pricing, videos, shows, and movies is done with the help of it. With its help, it becomes easy to recommend shows and other services to their users. These are some real-world examples of databases that are used on daily basis. There are many more examples out there that are used regularly. Before you submit your assignment make sure you go through a free plagiarism-free report to check.

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