Sample Proposal Essay Examples And Writing Guidance

A proposal essay is a style of argumentative essay that is prepared in favor of or against a thesis statement. The approach is commonly used by students in composition classes when they are requested to write essays in support of or opposition to different course of action.

Five crucial recommendations for proposal essay examples and writing guidance are covered in the following article:

In college-level writing classes, a proposal essay is frequently given as a homework and assignment. Students are often given a brief statement on a problem that society is now facing and asked to support the status quo or argue against it. Here are two sample questions for proposal papers:

Prompt 1: Should parents offer their teenagers privacy? Support your claim with pertinent justifications and/or concrete instances drawn from your own knowledge, observations, or reading. Many parents worry that kids would behave irresponsibly when using their privacy, but others think they should be given more independence.

Prompt 2: Should schools hire instructors who have studied the subjects they would be teaching? Give detailed instances and explanations for your answer. While others say that it is unfair to restrict people from teaching chances if they did not major in education during college, many institutions believe that employing teachers with degrees in the subjects they teach assures that students are receiving reliable knowledge.

How to Write a Proposal Essay

The five steps listed below for your essay writing help:

Address Any Rebuttals

The most significant component of drafting a proposal essay is answering the opposing argument, or counterargument. It is not sufficient to merely support your position; you must also demonstrate how troublesome your opponent's position is. Otherwise, there are no logical reasons you should be able to convince an informed audience how they are incorrect on this topic.

One useful tactic would be to demonstrate that hiring skilled teachers would result in children learning more correct information than if inexperienced teachers were hired, for instance, if you were arguing that schools should hire teachers who have majored in the areas they teach. You might continue by arguing the value of hiring qualified instructors and highlighting how doing so does not guarantee high-quality instruction (because some graduates may not even know what they are talking about).

Your arguments should be supported by data and/or anecdotes. 

A proposal essay is persuasive and our professional essay writer provide persuasive essay writing help therefore you explain why you hold your position. This can be done by offering facts or personal accounts that support your claim. For example, if you argued parents should give their teenagers privacy for using social media sites like Facebook, one effective strategy would be citing statistics about teenage social media addiction rates and how parents can monitor kids’ online activity all the time (and therefore expect them to do it responsibly on their own) (and therefore expect them to do it responsibly on their own).

If it would assist other readers better relate to your viewpoint, you might also include anecdotes of how you used Facebook carelessly when you were a teenager and got into problems as a result. Naturally, you must make careful to include evidence (facts and stories) to back up your claim; otherwise, you risk appearing unreliable.

Talk about the advantages of your job.

Since a proposal essay is persuasive, it's crucial to highlight the advantages of your viewpoint. This can be accomplished by outlining how maintaining or changing the current quo on this subject will benefit society. For instance, if you were arguing for teens' privacy rights, a good tactic would be to demonstrate how giving them some internet freedom would help them develop responsibility early in life (which might prevent them from venturing down an unwise path later on). To show what kids are capable of when given the chance, you might also share personal tales about the responsible online usage habits you developed as a teen.

Use clear language and accurate syntax

A proposal essay should be prepared in formal, academic tone and always go through essay plagiarism checker. Avoid slang or casual writing wherever possible; otherwise, your statement may come across as juvenile to knowledgeable readers . Make sure you are addressing the topic (and not an unrelated issue) when providing your viewpoint. Last but not least, check that every sentence is complete and in the right format. Otherwise, readers may not grasp the duties associated with your employment (or mistakenly think you lack sound reasoning). For instance, "Proving kids use social media responsibly would help them learn responsibility early in life" is not as persuasive as "Proving kids use social media responsibly might help them learn responsibility early in life."

Proofread and edit your writing.

Editing and proofreading for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors is the last step in producing a proposal essay. Verify that all phrases are punctuated properly, have subject-verb agreement, have whole words (or none at all), consistent verb tenses, and logically organized thoughts. Our professionals read your essay before you submit it is also beneficial because they are not as emotionally invested in the subject as you are. You will be able to get essay proofreading services from BookMyEssay experts free of cost. Remember that proposals are persuasive essays, so even though you may not be able to convince someone of your point of view if they are already opposed to it, you still have a chance to persuade them or at least get them to consider it.

Essay format for a proposal

A solid proposal essay structure should contain:

What are your plans to study? Please state your ambitions. Why is this crucial? A clear statement of your intentions: what will you be studying and why does the research on this issue matter?

Statement of the problem: Clearly identify the problem you seek to address.

Literature review: a summary of the literature you have read so far on this subject,

Ideas put forth: Ideas for possible experimental or methodological approaches. Methods: How do you intend to address the issue? What methods will you employ for this research? The methods section should give a clear sense of exactly what it is that you are intending to achieve.

If you are proposing an experiment, for example, there may not be any relevant literature to evaluate; nevertheless, in other circumstances it may be acceptable to conduct a more thorough literature review.

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