Role of Client Counselling Competitions for Law Students

Lawyers spend an excessive amount of time debating what theyve to do. Thats why professional legal education ought to focus heavily on the lawyering adroitness. The main responsibility of a lawyer is to help clients in understanding the legal complication of their case. Even theyve to ease the path of decision-making in legal matters. This responsibility is often regarded as client counselling. Here, a client is allowed to be open with a lawyer and surrender their matter to get the best suggestion. The law expert has to help a client by upholding their best interest honestly and fairly. Here we are trying to provide complete information with 100% accuracy to students through Law assignment help.

Client Counselling Competition and its Role for Law Students

During the competition, a law office consultation is stimulated. 2 students act as lawyers and present the case of a client. Before starting the interview, participating students are provided a detailed written memorandum that highlights the basic nature of a clients legal matter. Then, students interview a client and gather possible relevant details such as the nature of a problem, what a client is expecting; whether theyre able to help him or her; and how.

The interview (conducted for a 30-minute period) is followed by a post-consultation period 15 minutes (where students analyze the interview and discuss other things in a clients absence). Then, judges (2 lawyers and 1 counselor) evaluate the students against certain criteria focusing on the students fundamental skills - listening, questioning, planning, and analytical during an interview. A panel of judges then gives a brief assessment of the team.

This competition promotes a good level of knowledge; fundamental skills (interviewing, planning, counselling, analyzing, and supporting a client through their legal matters; and passion among law students. It provides the golden chance to understand the lawyer-client relationship in the law office. It promotes valuable education between law students, professors, and practitioners.

Rules of this Competition

Lets take a short glimpse of the basic rules of this competition.

  • Nature and purpose
  • Entry
  • The consultation situations; applicable law, team letters, topic, faculty advisors, fees, dress, rounds, and preparation
  • Consultation & post-consultation, limits, timekeeping, use of materials & props, the general format
  • Judges critique and ranking of teams observed
  • Advancing to the semi-final round, the semi-final round, and advancing to the final round
  • The final round
  • Awards
  • Counselling sessions
  • Disputes and breaches of the rules
  • Clients
  • Judges

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