Research Paper Writing Guide

A well-written research paper translates into high grades, which increase the CGPA of a student. An individual always needs support in this exhaustive process of writing a research paper. To help the students in this process, we have created this research paper writing guide. Every section in this guide discusses a particular facet of research paper writing.

The Purpose of a Research Paper

The students in their graduate or undergraduate course are required to write a research paper as a part of their coursework. A research paper can also be prepared for academic publication. One needs to write a research paper in the form of a dissertation or a thesis for a terminal academic degree, such as Ph.D.

To make their CV more robust, a lot of scholars publish the research papers in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Selecting the Topic

For some individuals, it is one of the most daunting parts of research paper writing. When you are choosing a topic, make sure you select the one that is a bit unusual. You can’t expect your faculty to get impressed with your paper your point of entry is not great. And here, the point of entry is the topic.

Also, the papers, which are meant for publication, go for review by anonymous referees. Therefore, make sure the topic is reasonably challenging and exciting. The topic should revolve around the concepts of the subject. Going through the already existing research papers from your subject will help you get some ideas. You can also consult your seniors for this purpose. Select an area for which there are limited published works. This is because the chances of delivering something original minimizes.

Writing the Research Question

It is the principal question that revolves around the theme of a research paper. The whole paper is the elaboration or modification of this question. Go through these tips to make this process easy.
  • Avoid writing the question that’s too narrow or unfocused. For example, the question “What is the obesity rate among teenagers in Dallas, Texas” can be answered in one line or a paragraph, therefore, can be avoided.
  • Make sure the question has a clear focus for which you can collect data and analyze it.
  • Avoid a question for which one can get answers directly through an online article. For instance, you don’t require unique data for the question “The role of government in healthcare.”
  • Try to write the question at the end. After going through the research finding and noting them down, you can easily condense the central question. This can become your research question.
  • If you have written the question, in the beginning, it’s not necessary that you have to remain fixed it. You can modify it research paper moves in a little bit different direction.

Researching for the Topic

In the pre-internet era, the students solely depended on materials of a library for the research purpose. Talking about the present scenario, the students rely on virtual libraries that save a lot of their time and are easier to access. Here are 20 search engines you can use for conducting research.

  1. RefSeek
  2. Virtual LRC
  3. Academic Index
  4. Digital Library of the Commons Repository
  5. Internet Public Library
  6. Microsoft Academic Search
  7. Infomine
  8. Archives Hub (Archives from institutions of Scotland, England, and Wales)
  9. MetaCrawler (Get results from different search engines on single platform)
  10. HighBeam Research
  11. ArXiv (database for scientific peer-reviewed papers)
  12. Project MUSE
  13. JSTOR
  14. Online Journals Search Engine
  15. Directory of Open Access Journals
  16. Bioline International
  17. Google Scholar
  18. gov
  19. CERN Document Server
  20. Athenus

Structure for Writing a Research Paper

You must have an exposition or an introduction to state the research question and the methodology. This is usually followed by the body and conclusion in the end. If your paper is related to science experiments, begin with a hypothesis; write the details of the experiment in the next step and conclude with inference.

Style of Writing to be Used for Research Paper

To impress the teachers and reviewers, you need to follow an elegant writing style. Try to remain politically correct by avoiding any sort of favouritism. The paper should be free of racist or sexist terms. Another thing you should remember is that the paper should have a minimum use of jargons. You can expand the meaning of technical terms to make it easier for the readers to understand.

Instead of writing too casually, focus on using forceful arguments. This is where the evaluating team will realize that you have focused on substance instead of just style. The good idea is to divide the research findings into various paragraphs or short sections.

Citations in Research Paper

The citation is an inevitable part of good academic research paper writing. Confirm what your professors prefer when it comes to citation style, and use same for your paper. If there are no guidelines offered by professor or institution, you can settle on Chicago or Harvard style. APA citation is ideal for science students, whereas humanities students can use MLA format.

 Harvard Style For in-text citations, the writers follow an author/date system in Harvard style of citation. This is followed by a reference at the paper’s end. Chicago Style The author’s name, titles of the books, and the titles of journal articles come in footnotes at the end of every page. A book’s name is italicized in this style. APA Style In APA (American Psychological Association) style, too, reference list and in-text citations are mentioned at the end. This is exclusively followed by science students. Editing and proofreading

This involves multiple steps. Begin by removing the sections that look irrelevant to your topic. It must be followed by checking for plagiarism. You can use online plagiarism checkers for this purpose. This phase also involves checking the punctuation and grammatical errors. Grammarly is one effective tool for checking grammatical issues. The basic version of this tool is free, but you need to pay for the version with advanced features. You must also make sure that the sentences are making sense. Rephrase or remove the lines that are lacking sense.

Taking the support of online research paper services

You can minimize your efforts related to research paper writing by hiring a professional to do this job. The professional research paper writers put their expertise while researching and structuring the paper.

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