Reports And Law Essays: An Overview Of Its Structure

There is a specific structure of writing a report and essays of law as per the defined standard. Thus, the proper structure of a report and law essay defines the report and essay's overall layout. For all, a report and essay can be written only after maintaining a proper structure of it. According to the regular and standard structure, any essay, if it is a law essay, includes three sections: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Students can know in detail about the law sections through Law Assignment Help.

Structure of Law Essays

As discussed above, as per the structure, the minimum requirement for a law essay is the inclusion of an Introduction, a Body, and a Conclusion. These three sections are as discussed below:

Introduction: For attempting an essay style question in law, one should start writing the answer with an introduction, which is expected to be 10% of the total word count of the answer. It should outline a brief interpretation of the question and what is intended to cover in the overall essay. It is better to keep in mind that the introduction should be simple and short, thus outlining specific law areas pertaining to the question, along with the leading cases or statutes concerning the question.

Body: The body of the essay type answers accounts for the majority of the total word count. It should develop the argument along with the demonstration of the understanding of the area of the argument. Thus it can be a good idea to keep referring explicitly to the question asked. The contents of the Law assignment help enable the students to score high in the law subjects.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the law essay type answers accounts for around 10 to 15% of the total word count. This section summarizes the main point and findings along with this, concludes the overall answer. It must be consistent and relevant to the arguments and conclusions in the body of the essay. In conclusion, one should never introduce any new points or material.

Structure of Law Reports

A law report should be a neutral presentation that often deals with the current law, the proposals for change, and whether the interested parties and leading bodies have approved those. The law report should have a recommended structure that includes a Title page, Summary or Executive summary, Table of Contents, Body of Report, Conclusion, Recommendations, and Bibliography Appendix. These elements of law report are as discussed below:

  • The Title page shows the report's title, the person for whom the report is prepared, the author of the report, and the date of completion.
  • The Summary of the report approximately accounts for 1% of the total word count. It represents the purpose and scope of the report. The students can get academic writing guidance from the website of BookMyEssay.
  • The Table of Contents does not include the contents and title page.
  • The report's Body includes the introduction and discussion section along with the clear presentation of the analysis part.
  • The Conclusion includes a clear summary of the main points and even relates to the findings in the report's body.
  • Recommendations include suggestions that what should be done, who is to do it, and how or when it is done.

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