The Relationship between XML Documents and Relational Databases

Technical writing is not something that comes naturally, it needs regular practice to reach the point where you can complete technical assignment writing without any help. Students who are assigned with the technical write up tasks like database assignment might face some problem as it requires a good knowledge of the subject and topic. The problem could turn into worse when they have to write on the database. There are several topics that come under the database assignment starting from the beginning.

What is a Database?

A database is the collection of organized information or data that is stored and be accessed by electronic devices. It can be managed, updated and deleted as new information is added.

Storing XML in a Database

There are several cases where an application must store complex data. This data could be either sufficiently complex to make a proper for modelling burdensome or insufficient or effectively impossible to model in RDBMS.

Reasons to Store XML in the Database

Starting from the beginning using an XML as a good storage is not always a good option. There are some cases where converting XML into a more suitable format makes sense. On the other hand, there are multiple reasons for storing XML in a database. Students might need academic assignment help on database from BookMyEssay to get a better overview of the following benefits.

  1. Can be processed or transmitted by applications: - when applications have already decided to use XML format in the service-oriented architecture to transmit and process data in XML then it is often a good idea to store business data in the same format. If the applications have already chosen XML then it is useless to change the format just to store the data as changing format will need required reconstruction in XML to read the data.
  2. When data format changes over time: - we all know that schema or format changes could be the actual pain in the neck. You can just imagine what happened when a 1to1 relationship turned into 1 to many relationships. To understand it in a way better let’s take an example: - imagine that a consumer is no longer need to contain a single telephone number for the record but can have multiple telephone numbers. If the record of the consumer is stored in SQL format it needs to be changed but in case if it is stored as XML documents it does not need to be changed. This way it can save precious time and money for the user.
  3. When data format is complex or highly variable: - in today’s world data record are more complicated as it was 50 years back. The number of complication in data field makes designing a rational schema very challenging and can lead to thousands of tales that are hard to understand. In such case using an XML document can simplify database design and application development.
  4. Optimization of object-centric data access: - continuing from the above what will happen when complicated business objects are stored in the relational database schema? During such scenario storing a single business object may require a single SQL insert into multiple tables. To resolve this XML can outperform as the best solution.

All these reasons seem to be very common and can be mention in the database assignment. Apart from this, there are several other topics for which you might need database assignment help such as:

  • General DBMS Concepts
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
  • Mysql
  • SQL Server
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