The Relationship in Between Correctional Nursing and The Social Justice

Before enrolling yourself in the nursing course have you ever asked yourself what does a nurse do? Off course it is not only about the medical care and passes.  We understand the definition of nursing can get blurred in the professional journey therefore, it is important to periodically refresh the definition to witness the big picture we often miss. As we mentioned in the earlier post the nursing revolves around giving patient care to those who are in need. When it comes to the ethics of social justice the correctional nursing is way too different than the general concept created by many. Students who are pursuing a career in the field often have to write on the role of nursing in social justice. These students may require to hire assignment help on nursing to complete their assignments on time.

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Correctional Nursing and Social Justice

It is crucial to remember that nursing is not limited to patient care but goes beyond this. There is no doubt that one-on-one patient care is still an important part of the nursing job. However, there are many who still do not understand the role of correctional nurses in social justice. In the blow post, we are going to discuss the correctional nurses and the ethics of social justice.

The Social Justice in the Modern World

Social justice is a very broad term that mainly revolves around the equity and distribution of responsibilities and resources among different members of the society. According to the professional nurses, the social justice in the health sector means “Working hard to avoid and prevent negative effects of the discrimination against the individuals on the basis of gender, age, sex and any other factors that affect the health and well-being.

Social Justice and Criminal Justice

If you are one of those people who believe that there is justice in the society then, you are far from the truth. You don’t walk further to see the social injustice in the criminal justice system. The desire to maintain justice in society can often lead to severe punishment and even brutality in the business structure. It is the responsibility of the correctional nurses to view or if required then, participate in the culture to deliver the necessary care. For instance, how would you feel if you witness a criminal inmate takedown during the emergency using the devices that are restricted? Do you think there is any other way to handle this situation without compromising with the safety of others?

The Ideal Patient Health Care Situation

Nurses in criminal justice can often tuned-up with their vision about their role in the system. Certainly, the main point of this is to prove that there is no ideal patient for nursing professionals. They attend the patients who are in need. Yet, the actual definition of accounting suggests the different, according to it their patients are the entire community and it is the duty of nurses to promote their health and well-being.

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