Reasons For The Letters On Keyboard For Not Being In Alphabetical Order

The letters on the Keyboard of a computer are located in a random order alphabetically but not in a serial manner. This resembles the location of letters in a typewriter if we go back to the ages of the 19th century. The principle of working on a typewriter is very simple. Just following the working principle of a typewriter the keys in the keyboard of a computer have been arranged and developed in an advanced form. Unlike the typewriter the modern computer keyboards do not have levers. With the use of Alphabetical Order Generator the students can well type their homework.

Invention Of The Keyboards

The first series of Keyboard appears with the Qwerty keyboards where the first five letters appear in the upper row of the keyboard. The manufacturers of typewriters decided to invent a keyboard by separating the neighboring letters from each other so that there could be enough distance between them for the index finger. This is because people printed with the first fingers only instead of using the method of ten fingers while typing.

Therefore in this way the Qwerty keyboard appeared. This keyboard has come with the advent of modern computers. Moreover, the problem of clinging is completely impossible for computer keyboards as they do not have levers even like the typewriters. With the help of best Australian experts BookMyEssay can help their students to do their assignments. 

Advent Of The Dworak’s Keyboard

The idea of this keyboard was introduced by Arthur Dworak who was a professor of Washington University. On the Qwerty keyboard the location of the alphabetical letters were far from rational, however as that of Dworak’s keyboard it is much more conventional. In this type of keyboard the most frequently used letters are put to the upper and the middle rows. All vowels are kept under the left hand and all the consonants are kept under the right hand. If the letters are arranged in this way in the keyboard then the hand pressure becomes balanced. Qwerty Keyboard makes one’s finger cope with 7 Km distance per working day that comprises 8 hours.

However, Dworak’s keyboard reduces the distance to 2Km. As a result, the speed on typing at Dworak’s keyboard is higher than the Qwerty keyboard. This is an improved form of keyboard that makes typing easier. The word count tool can be used by the students to count the number of words in their assignment. 

With the appearance of computers in the 40’s, the typewriter is pushed out with the appearance. However, it provided a chance for returning the alphabetic order layout. Moreover, before the era of the computer days the children were not allowed to write their homework on typewriter as it was quite expensive.

But nowadays, most of the homework is usually typed on computers and therefore with the advent of computer keyboards there are huge advantages. The plagiarism checking tools are used by the students to check the plagiarism of their content.

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