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The Mechanical Engineering study required lot of hard work and accumulation of knowledge. For this, the teachers in university use different teaching methodologies to enhance the knowledge of the students off the subject. Assignment writing is also the part of the teaching methodology. Students are asked to write an assignment on different topics, and while writing the assignment they are expected to read the topic thoroughly understand it, analyze it, and sometimes do some field activity as well also known as practical work. Thus, writing the assignment for mechanical engineering student is not an easy task, and this is the reason that many times students seek the professional mechanical engineering assignment writing help from outside.

To help the students, there is professionals present who composed the assignment according to the requirement of a student and help them in their studies. Here, we are giving you an example of an assignment written by professionals on the topic gears.

Types of Gears

There are mainly nine types of gears used. Naming them

Spur Gears – These are the gears that are the most common type. In terms of its manufacturing, it is the simplest of all the gears and it is very easy in production. The teeth in this gear cut along the periphery are parallel to the axis of the gear. The gear is used to transmit motion or power shafts kept parallel.

Helical Gears – In this gear the gear teeth remains inclined to the shaft’s axis in the form of a helix, because of this-this has got its name. Like spur gear, it also used to transmit power to shafts kept parallel, but in certain cases, it is taken in use to transmit power in shafts that are kept non-parallel. The only difference between spur gears and the helical gears is they are used for high-speed. The spur gear of same size won’t take the amount of load which Helical gears can bear.

Bevel Gears – unlike spur and helical gear which were used to transmit power between parallel shafts, this is the one which is used to transmit power between perpendiculars shafts. In this, the driving shaft and driven shaft create a right angle with each other and the axis of both shafts meet to each other at one point. Most of time 90 Degree angle is created in the shaft.

Rack And Pinion Gears- This is gear that can be best defined as the gear of infinite radius. It works, in conjunction with a small gear, called pinion. In the gear, the combination provides a system to convert the reciprocating motion into rotary motion.

Worm Gears – These are gears which are used to transmit power at the angle of 90° and where reductions of high amount are required. These gears are quiet, give a smooth output and are also vibration free.

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