What is The Major Difference between Management and Administration?

Are you one of those people who think that management and administration are the same? Well, you are not the first who has made such a mistake. Sorry to break it to you but both administration and management are two different things. Let’s see how different they are.

The administration is all about setting up business objectives and crucial policies for an organization. In simple words, Administration is a process of putting plans and policies into the action. It is a determinative function while management is an executive one. The administration refers to guidance, control, the leadership of a group toward achieving a set of organizational goals. Whereas, Management incorporates initiating, conceiving and bringing several components of management together. Students who are pursuing a degree in the administration may get confused while writing their management assignment with help. So let’s list down some of the major differences between administration and management to give a clear picture.

On the Basis on Functions


Management is an organized way of getting things done through other by providing required direction and guidance toward pre-set goals.

The process of administration revolves around the formulation of organizational objective, plan and policies.

Nature Management is an executive function while the administration is a decision-making function. Skills On the one hand, management deals with technical and human skills whereas administration handles conceptual and human skills.

Level of Function

Management is the middle and lower level function but administration comes under the top level function. Process As mentioned above administration is a decision-making process. They decide what has to be done in the organization at that time. When it comes to management decide how decided things should be done. Students might need to take assignment writing help on management from BookMyEssay to properly understand this concept.

Functions of Management and Administration

The administration covers aspects like:

Planning: It is the basic function of administration which deals with the advanced course of action and deciding what will be the most appropriate action to achieve the organizational goals. In short, planning is deciding in advance what to do and how to do it.  It serves as a bridge between the present and the future. Planning is the pillar other functions of management like directing, staffing and controlling is built upon.

Organizing: It refers to the process of bringing financial, physical, human resources while developing a strong reliable relationship among them to achieve organizational goals. According to the famous economist, Henri Fayol organizing a business means providing it with all necessary things like raw material, capital, tools, labour, etc.

Whereas Administration Covers

Motivation: It is an internal process of management that helps a help to stay encouraged a person to make some efforts and move toward achieving both personal and organizational goals. Controlling: It refers to the process of evaluating if the necessary changes are made toward the goals and objectives.

If you observe it closely then you will find that they are not practically different from each other and the manager has to look after both administration and management functions. However, top-level manager pays more attention toward administration functions and lower level managers take care of management functions. So, you could say it all depends on the level of management in a company. But no matter what BookMyEssay is always here to help you out with your academic and essay writing tasks.

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