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Few questions asked About Taxes

Question 1 - What is an income tax? How is it designed?

Income tax is a yearly tax charged on income of a person by the government. It is charged for the equivalent evaluation year at the rates placed down by the Finance Act for the appraisal year in respect of the previous year.

The income of the individual is classified under the following five points
  • Salaries
  • Income from house goods
  • Profits and gains of business
  • Capital gains
  • Income from other resources.

Income is considered under these points independently and accordingly, a tax is calculated using the income tax portion issued by the government every financial year.

Question 2 - Does the tax accountability of a person get exaggerated due to his residency status? If yes, explain.

Yes, the tax liability of a person does get exaggerated due to his residency status as per Section % of the Income Tax Act 1961 and is also dependent on place and time of accumulation or receipt of income. Which income is considered as accrued income?

Income which has been produced but not yet acknowledged is known as increased income. Income is confirmed in the same liability period in which it is earned rather than in the succeeding period in which it will be received.

Question 3 - What is FBT? FBT stands for Fringe Benefit Tax which is a tax that a manager has to pay in admiration of the benefits that are known to his/her employees. Fringe benefits are amazing that a manager gives to his employees in total to the cash salary. Question 4 - What is Tax Audit?

A tax audit is an assessment of a company or person's tax return by the Internal Revenue Service in order to locate out that the income and deductions are recorded correctly.

Question – 5 What is Tax Refund?

The surplus tax paid by a person than the real payable tax is returned by the government, which is defined as a tax refund. After taking into thought income tax, withholdings, tax deductions or credits and other aspects, you file income tax for the year, after that, you will collect a tax refund.

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