List of Important Factors Impacting Capital Budgeting Process

Capital Budgeting is the formal process used by the business organizations for evaluation of the investments and potential expenditure. It facilitates making decisions related to investments of current funds available in the company. The capital budgeting process manages the addition, modification, disposition, and replacement of the fixed assets. The process is being used by companies for maximizing profits.

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Important Decisions Involved in Capital Budgeting

The capital budgeting process aims at profit maximization. There are simply two ways to do that; either by reducing cost or by increasing the revenue opportunities. Here are some of the important decisions that are vital in the capital budgeting process:

  • Accept and Reject Decisions
  • Capital Rationing Decisions
  • Mutually Exclusive Project Decisions

Steps Involved in the Capital Budgeting Process

Identification of the project: The first step of the capital budgeting process and that is to create a tender for the investment. The new projects are vital for the business in so many aspects. Whether you want to add the new product line or update the existing one the investments are important. To ensure that your investments are being utilized for the right purpose the identification of the project is important. To get complete information about this you can buy assignment online.

Project screening and evaluation: This is the next step that involves the selection of correct measures for judging the desirability of the proposal. The undertaking project should match the goals and objectives of the business in order to maximize the market value. It also involves estimating the cost and the potential benefits it offers to the organization. Along with that, the risk, threats, and uncertainties associated with the project are thoroughly analyzed. Selection of the project: There is no definitive method for the selection of the project. As we all know that every business has different requirements. This is why the only criterion is to keep in mind the objective of the investments that are being undertaken. After finalizing the proposal Implementation: The implementation is the critical process. It involves assigning different responsibilities to the different candidates for the successful completion of the project. The implementation should be done according to the plan. If you are asking who can write my assignment then hire BookMyEssay. Performance Review: This is the final stage of the capital budgeting process. In this step, the entire performance of the project is reviewed by the managers. The process is then used to compare the delivered and predicted results. The delivered results are evaluated to make the decisions for the future selection of the projects.

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