Lesson Planning: What makes it Play a Critical Role in Studies?

ESA Lesson planning is considered one of the most important teaching strategies. An ESA lesson is one that encompasses three different phases: Engage, Study, and Activate. A strong lesson should cover all three elements. It all starts with an engaging stage and stops with an activated phase. This is the framework of the lesson plan used by teachers all across the world because of its flexibility. It has one solid structure that establishes the expectation of the students which helps them in learning better during every subject period.

This ESA lesson plan is known for making difference between studying and activating as it enables teachers to understand the purpose of distinctive kinds of activities in a lesson. The students can ask for lesson planning assignment help online from the experts to get complete information about this. In this post, we are going to talk about the different stages of the ESA lesson planning that you should be aware of.

Kinds of Activities Included in the ESA Lesson Planning

The teachers are often confused about the different kinds of activities that should be included in the lesson planning. There appears to be a difference between “boring” and “fun” exercises; Also communication-driven classes and lecture-driven classes are also different from each other.

The teachers make use of lectures and worksheets that are easy for them to produce. But at the same time, these lectures are not that constructive for students at all. To overcome this issue, the use of the ESA framework makes it easier for the teachers to clear up the confusion.

According to the studies, the conversation activities are considered better than the worksheets as they offer a distinctive instructional objective. A supervised conversation like a knowledge gap exercise is a portion of the activate phase of any lesson plan. This is the kind of activity that allows students to learn by implementing and utilizing concepts that they have already gained knowledge of. This will encourage them to ask queries about new concepts. To get complete knowledge about this you can ask for lesson planning assignment help online.

In addition to all this, having a worksheet can make this stage even easier. At this step, the instructor explicitly describes knowledge about the thing they have been studying.

Benefits of Activate Stage and Study Stage

One significant benefit of incorporating both the study phase and the activate phase in every lesson is that it maintains the balance between instructor and student talk time. If we talk about the study stage, it focuses on the teacher talk time. The purpose of the teacher talking is to deliver knowledge that students require a better understanding of the concepts.

By adding the activated stage right after a study phase encourages students to understand what their teacher is trying to convey. There are two reasons for that: it reduces the amount of time where learners have to sit and listen calmly, and it generates a necessity for learners to study what the instructor has been telling them. As soon as students move up to independent activities, the study phase sets them up to move into their place of proximal extension. If you have been looking for free assignment writing guidance sites then here is the solution for you.

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