Learn Unusual Facts About Halloween Which You Were Not Told Ever Before

Halloween is the best holiday of the year. If you love this festival and desires to celebrate it in a coming year but don’t know essential things about it, then you must read this write-up. Here, every important thing is discussed including what Halloween is all about, its history, and more. Take college assignment help service online to get your work done without affecting festival.

History of Halloween

Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween. It is likely evolved around 2000 years ago from the Celtic pagan carnival called Samhain in which people believed that dead people would return back on the earth as a spirit to ramble on the planet during the celebration period. This festival is celebrated to give tribute to the pagan gods of the harvest.

Things you have never heard about Halloween

  • Wearing Halloween costumes were traditionally not meant for enjoyment: Halloween costumes were not worn for fun. Sometimes, people wrap scary dresses to keep spiteful spirits at bay. In earlier days, there was no option to buy costumes online so they handcrafted the attires in the form of masks, cowhides, and etc.
  • Halloween today becomes the major source of business today: Like all other celebrations, Halloween is one of the biggest earning festivals of the year. Over billions of dollars spent each year in shelling out the shekels, Halloween costumes, treat candy, parties, and other.
  • People scare themselves for fun: During the Halloween season, people normally try to scare themselves intentionally to enhance the excitement. They explore ghostly attractions, visit horrible places, and watch haunted movies to experience a scary moment in a safe environment.

Other Interesting Facts about Halloween

  1. Witch is the most popular Halloween outfit and you can easily see around millions of witches all around. Other costumes people love wearing during the celebration time is of zombies, pirates, vampires, cats, and etc.
  2. The first Jack-o-Lanterns were designed out of turnips with horrible faces to scare away malevolence spirits.
  3. The average American consumes around 3.4 pounds of candy during the Halloween celebration.
  4. Hallowe’en is the right spelling of Halloween.
  5. The majority of the adults celebrate Halloween by wrapping up in classic costumes, attending a ghostly attraction, and showing their participation in many more ways.
  6. Black (representing death) and orange (showing fall harvest) are famous contrasting Halloween colors.
  7. The Catholic Church during the 9th century is used to honor saints as it instituted All Hallows/Saints on November 1.
  8. The most excellent part about Halloween is that one can celebrate it without the involvement of relatives and wear any costume they wish. There is no specific date to enjoy the celebration.
  9. Observing a spider on Halloween is a good sign because it shows that your deceased ones are looking at you.
  10. Mexicans have their own festival, The Day of the Dead.

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