Learn English Easily in 9 Effective Ways

English is an international language which helps to bridge the gap between non-English speaking countries. It is the most popular and also the most spoken language in the world. In all international businesses, English is very important to run them efficiently. Every communication like business, higher education, technology, job eligibility and much more depends upon English.

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Why learning English is Quite Difficult?

As everybody knows that learning of a new language is quite difficult and full of challenges, English is no exception. It is a language loaded with complexities especially for non-English people. There are quite confusing rules dominating in the language and strict rules are very less. People around the world are looking for learning English for various purposes like travelling, doing business and also settling in developed countries which are mainly English speaking like USA, UK, Canada or Australia.

What are the 9 Expert Ways to Learn English?

There are nine simple but effective ways which helps you to learn English better. These are:
  • Looking for fixed patterns: Pick those patterns which are fixed and also the words which are used together. This will help you in building sentences.
  • Convert your interests in English: Try to follow your hobbies in English like play English video games, watch English movies or movies with English subtitles. Join some English speaking group of like-minded people.
  • Exposure to English media: Reading English magazines and newspapers and having discussion on some English platform are the most powerful ways to learn English fast. Try reading your favourite book translated in English.
  • Grammar rules are not everything: Some people believe that English cannot be learnt without memorizing grammar rules. It is partially true as English is a language with lot of exception and do not follow strict rules.
  • Watch out for interesting phrases and words: While reading and watching, try to write new words and phrases and find their meanings. This will build your vocabulary.
  • Schedule your study: Studying regularly for just few minutes a day will be more helpful than study three hours once a week.
  • Use English practically: First think how you will use English and then find practical ways to learn it e.g. for settlement you need English differently as you use it while travelling.
  • Nobody is perfect in English, so dont try: Dont over burden yourself by trying to be perfect in English. Practice regularly and you will be proficient.
  • Learn with fun: Make your learning fun. Try to enjoy learning English.

How to Find Best English writers?

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