Java in Three Hours: Online Course for Beginners

Students who want to learn the Java often search answers for questions like What is the benefits of learning Java?, Is Java a hard language?, or What is the scope of Java?. Although all these questioned has been answered through the programming assignment help provided by BookMyEssay, it is still important to explain whether the basic fundamentals of Java can be learned within the 3 hours? Yes, it is possible. There are some institutes who offer short term programming course including 3 hours Java course. No matter, whether you go for the short term or long term Java programming course, you may need assignment help on java to complete technical assignments on the subject.

In the below blog, we are going to explain the 3 hours long Java programming course including the subjects you will cover through the course.

What will You Learn through the 3 hours Java Programming Course?

The 3 hours long Java programming course teaches students about the core Java fundamentals in a quick and easy way. In this course, an expert programmer will introduce you to the basic concepts and techniques of the Java programming. You will also learn about how to work with the syntax, classes, objects, and other main concepts.

This course was actually designed for the beginners to mid-level Java programmers who at least have a basic understanding of the Java language. The topics that are included in the course are carefully selected to give you the idea or initials of Java so, you can continue your learning even after the course. You will get familiar with the most-used concepts and syntax elements that support the concepts. The course is delivered in a very practical style with numerous examples that are created to help you learn the core concepts.

Main Chapters included in the Course

  • Java file structure
  • Java programming structure
  • Controls, loops, and ideal conditions
  • Program data and classes
  • Variables, types, operators, and expressions
  • How to work with exceptions when things get out of hands
  • Sample files and sockets

Benefits of the Course

Now, this short term course could be beneficial for you if:-
  • You are a programmer in a different language such as Python, C++, JavaScript and looking forward to expanding your knowledge by learning the fundamentals of Java.
  • You want to learn a little bit about Java.
  • You are a student who holds some interest in the programming but not sure what language to choose for programming.

Prerequisites for Learning Java

As you already know Java is a very high object-oriented language which makes it an ideal option for software development. There are Prerequisites of learning Java which you need to fulfill such as:

  • You should know how to read the procedure program codes which are written in, for instance, C/C++, JavaScript, or Python.
  • You should at least know what object-oriented concepts are and how you can use them in Java.
  • Apart from the above two, it would be beneficial to know about the character set, data types, Unicode system and tokens in java.

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