Introduction to the Revolutionary Scientific Theories You Should Know About

Most of the scientific fields were developed entirely on the revolutionary theories. In this blog, we would talk about the major scientific theories. If you are not already familiar with them then take some time to read it. Moreover, you can also take science assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay for getting expert assistance.

Important Scientific Theories You Must Know

Information Theory (Claude Shannon, 1948): This theory was not exactly the revolutionary theory. There was no predecessor theory to revolutionize. The Claude Shannon theory majorly offers the base for the mathematical foundation.  It is used for the other revolutionary developments which includes both the computer science and electronic communication. Game Theory (John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern, 1944): This scientific theory was developed for economics. It has truly achieved the success. This theory has been widely adopted by many other social sciences. As the important field of the study the game theory has got so many evolutions. The application of game theory is clearly evident in the day to day practices for example football, cricket, poker, and negotiating for increased payscale etc. It also includes a thing such as quantum game theory. This would later bound to revolutionize something. The John even won the noble price for this theory. Oxygen Theory of Combustion (Antoine Lavoisier, 1770s): The Antoine was not responsible for discovering oxygen instead he worked to figure out the gas that was combined that were stick with substances when they get burned. He thereby neglected the prevailing phlogiston theory. The Antoine paved the structure for the development of modern chemistry. It was much easier revolution than the one related to the politics. This revolution was so drastic that he had to lose his head for it. If you need more details on this then you can take assistance from the best assignment helper BookMyEssay. Plate tectonics (Alfred Wegener, 1912; J. Tuzo Wilson, 1960s): When the Alfred realized that the continents drifted around in 1912. In 1960s this scientist put the pieces together to develop a comprehensive theory to understand the plate tectonics. On the other hand the Wilson was a Canadian geophysicist. He was a special contributor to talk about the major pieces. Here many other researchers played major roles in this theory. There is huge difference between the plate tectonics and plates Ttectonic. The second one is just a name of revolutionary science based theme restaurant. Statistical mechanics (James Clerk Maxwell, Ludwig Boltzmann, J. Willard Gibbs, and late 19th century): This theory explained the heat in terms of the statistical behaviour of molecules and atoms. It also made sense of thermodynamics. The statistical mechanics theory also brought the strong evidence for the reality of atoms. In addition to this it establishes the role of probabilistic math in the physical sciences. This applies the Modern extensions of statistical mechanics even in the game theory.

Concluding Thoughts

These were some of the major and revolutionary scientific theory you should know about. If you want to learn more about any of these then you can take assignment writing assistance from the expert writers of BookMyEssay. The company has the army of expert science assignment writers. No matter what kind of science assignment you need, these experts can assist you for anything. So, if you are asking who can do my academic report writing then contact them today for hassle free academic solutions.

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