How to Write a good Conclusion Starter for Enhancing the Quality of your Writing

The way you end a work of academic writing is just as important as the hook you use to capture readers’ attention and the content in between. The concluding paragraph or section of your paper should begin with words telling readers that the content is drawing to a close. Review some examples of good conclusion starters sentence so you’ll be able to craft appropriate endings of your own. Writing good conclusions is certainly an important skill for all writers to have, from students to those who write or do public speaking for a living (and all writers in between). Now that you have some ideas for good conclusion starters, focus on how to write a conclusion in full.

Writing a Good Conclusion

When it’s time to bring your work to an end, it’s important, to sum up, the key points or concepts rather than simply stopping abruptly. Conclusion starters are transitional phrases that let readers know they have reached the final part of a document. Conclusion starters should:

  • Be just a few words that introduce the first sentence of the final paragraph or a brief concluding section
  • Let readers know that they have reached the beginning of the final section
  • Make readers aware that what they’re about to read won’t provide new information
  • Set reader's expectations for how the work will be drawn to a close (such as a summary of main points, statement of need for additional research, or call to action).

Increasing the Quality of Writing with a Good Conclusion Starter

Whether you’re a student in college, high school, or middle school, chances are that you will be assigned to write quite a few essays and deliver many speeches or presentations. When deciding how to end an essay or a speech, you’ll need to choose a conclusion starter that’s appropriate for the overall tone.

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