How to Avoid These 8 International Marketing Pitfalls

Marketing in the international arena can be a blind spot even for the most accomplished marketers in the U.S. The low number of US companies who venture abroad is not surprising. Although the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) indicates that over 70 percent of the world's purchasing power is located outside the U.S., "less than 1 percent" of America's 30 million companies export – significantly less than all other developed nations. However, after decades of domestic focus, U.S. companies appear ready for international expansion led by mid-sized enterprises.

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The small and medium-sized firms account for 98 percent of all exports from the United States. According to the USDOC, exporting firms have a higher sales growth rate, more jobs, higher earnings, and are less vulnerable to recession than their non-exporting counterparts. It is no wonder that 70% of mid-sized American companies plan to ramp up their overseas marketing efforts over the next year, according to the 2015 International Business Indicator report released by Wells Fargo in April. Get Your Assignment Writing Help  who have been successful at home will take those tactics and strategies and scale them to be successful internationally. Once they've taken their brand overseas, they'll spend the next year trying to figure out why the results are so different from what they expected. If you address the eight differences outlined below, however, you can avoid this costly detour. Despite sharing many core marketing principles with domestic marketing, international marketing is fundamentally different. Based on 24 years exclusively dealing with international marketing, below are the eight areas highlighted. In their article, they describe the most common pitfalls that marketers encounter when venturing out of their home country or overseas. BookMyEssay offers you plagiarism free work after you sign-up for the assignment help. It helps you to check the plagiarised content and lower your chances to score less.

Here Are The 8 Pitfalls You Need to Avoid:

  1. Language
  2. Culture
  3. Target
  4. Brand strategy
  5. Documentation
  6. Search and social
  7. Project planning, processing and management
  8. Partners
Consider experience when making a decision. Because they have already invested in the relationship and it is comfortable and familiar, companies often turn to their domestic marketing agencies to assist them internationally. After pairing up with a translation company, the agency sets out to conquer the world. If the only challenge was language, this might work. You will, however, probably encounter many other factors that influence your success abroad. For Project Planning, Consider This: Internationalise the tool. When it comes to people, processes, and approvals, there are many moving parts to an international campaign. In order to meet deadlines, maintain quality, and keep costs under control, careful planning and project management is required. Things run more smoothly when processes are well-defined. Search and Socialise More: Every market requires a rethink. A revolution has taken place in international marketing thanks to the Internet. However, the use of social media platforms and their purposes can vary according to country. Then you will want to determine if English-language social assets are adequate in foreign markets (they are not always) and, if not, how you will manage your foreign-language social presence and other digital assets in those markets. Also, mobile habits vary and must be accommodated.For more, get you international marketing assignment help from BookMyEssay right now! Role of BookMyEssay The team at BookMyEssay consists of very talented individuals who care deeply about helping students achieve in academia. Prior to sending a student's entire work, a quality check is performed.

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