How Important Is Research in Starting a Personal Essay?

Starting a personal essay can be both an exciting and daunting task. The prospect of sharing your thoughts and experiences with a broader audience is exhilarating, but it also demands careful consideration and planning. One critical aspect that can set your personal essay on the right track is thorough research. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of research in starting a personal essay, discuss useful essay connectors, and consider resources like Essay Maker and Free Essay Writer that can help along the way.

Why Research Matters in Personal Essay Writing

When contemplating how to start a personal essay writing process, many people might assume that personal essays are purely subjective and don't require much research. However, this perspective overlooks the significant role research plays in ensuring that your personal essay is engaging, well-structured, and grounded in context.

Research can serve several purposes in personal essay writing:

Providing Context: Even though personal essays are typically rooted in personal experiences, broader context can help your readers understand the significance of your story. For example, if you're writing about a transformative event in your life, research into relevant historical or cultural background can enrich your narrative.

Adding Credibility: Including well-researched information can lend credibility to your personal essay. This might involve citing statistics, expert opinions, or historical events to support your narrative.

Ensuring Accuracy: If your personal essay involves real-life events, names, or places, research helps ensure that your details are accurate. This not only adds credibility but also respects the people and events you're referencing.

Expanding Perspectives: Researching a topic related to your personal essay can introduce you to new ideas and perspectives, which can ultimately strengthen your writing.

Essay Connectors: Crafting a Cohesive Narrative

Another critical aspect of personal essay writing is using essay connectors to create a smooth and cohesive narrative. Essay connectors are words or phrases that help you transition between different ideas, ensuring that your essay flows logically.

Some common essay connectors include:

Addition: "Furthermore," "in addition," "also"

Contrast: "However," "on the other hand," "in contrast"

Cause and Effect: "Therefore," "thus," "as a result"

Time: "Meanwhile," "subsequently," "afterward"

When starting a personal essay, using these connectors can help guide your readers through your narrative, making it easier for them to follow your thought process.

Resources to Help with Personal Essay Writing

If you're struggling with how to start a personal essay writing process or need assistance in refining your work, there are several resources you can turn to. Some websites that write essays for you free can offer templates, suggestions, or even complete essays to guide you. Here are some examples:

Essay Maker: This tool allows you to input your essay topic and generates a basic essay outline, which can be helpful for structuring your thoughts.

Free Essay Writer: A website that offers free essays on various topics, providing inspiration and guidance for your personal essay.

BookMyEssay: A platform that connects you with professional writers who can help you craft a well-written personal essay.

These resources can be particularly useful if you're stuck or need a starting point for your personal essay. They can offer examples, templates, and even personalized assistance to help you get started.


Research is a vital component of starting a personal essay. It adds context, credibility, accuracy, and perspective to your writing. Along with using effective essay connectors to maintain a cohesive narrative, research can make your personal essay more engaging and impactful.

If you're struggling with the initial steps of your personal essay writing journey, remember that there are helpful resources like Essay Maker, Free Essay Writer, and BookMyEssay to guide you. These tools can provide inspiration and support as you craft your personal essay, helping you create a compelling and well-structured piece of writing.

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