The Hottest Careers in Physics

What is Physics? Physics is a branch of physical sciences which deals with matter, energy and space. All the physical quantities are related to physics. This is a highly expected discipline in scientific careers. There are various careers which a student can pursue after having a bachelor’s degree in physics. These may be research and development, education, science and engineering, law, business, governmental careers etc.

What are the Best Careers in Physics?

Even before the start of any career, students are offered internships to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. These opportunities are available in every engineering or physics major. Many multinational companies offer internship programs. These multinationals are listed below:
  • Accenture
  • Battelle
  • Boeing
  • CAR Technologies
  • Cisco Systems
  • General Electrics
  • Honda Research and Development
  • IBM
  • ITT Industries
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Microsoft
  • NASA

How to Choose the Best Careers in Physics?

Most of the students get an appointment after graduation. Employment is there but it is the decision of the student to go for the best. There are various methods and points for choosing the best options in your career. These are listed below:
  • Know your options fully: According to your caliber and your potential, you should know fully what will be the right job for you. The top students having physics degree can choose following options like Application engineer, Data analyst, Design Engineer, IT Consultant, Lab technician, Optical engineer, Accelerator Operator, Laser Engineer, High School Physics Teacher, Research Associate, Software Developer, System Analyst, Technical Specialist, Web Developer etc.
  • Expand your skills: Make sure that before applying for a job you are having all the skills required by your employer. Once you are in, you can expand your skills as per the requirements of your job profile.
  • Asking for assistance: Now getting assistance on the web is very easy. There are various websites and contact persons who can guide you about the career of your choice. They can tell you how to apply, how to write your resume, how to get well in interviews and everything related to your career.
  • Contact your Employers: Looking for your expected employers is a very wise move. You should know about the expectations of the employers in the career as a physicist. Fulfilling criteria before appearing for the interview is a sign of a good student as well as a good employee.

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