Highlighting Difference between Marketing Orientation and Market Oriented

There is a lot of difference between the terms Marketing Orientation and Market Oriented. While marketing orientation is the marketing concept which is all about company's approach for the market or for the customer however a market oriented term being an economics concept is all about business and consumers running the show together by purchasing or selling of the goods and the services. Marketing orientation company will focus and lays the attention on the customer or the consumer side and would be interested to know what the target market and its consumer’s wants or looking forward to that is just opposite to a product oriented set up which just focuses on the product of the company.

A company with strong marketing orientation will always want to know what their customers want, what is it that the target market is requiring before anything else. A market oriented is generally an economy or a system which allows for a free market for sale and purchase of products. So which really means a few less restrictions and more of a free system for the economic dealings. The detailed content can be available from BookMyEssay team at best prices for marketing assignment help.

Let's Learn in Depth about Marketing Orientation

This concept as we know means that everything is customer driven that is the target market drives actions. A marketing oriented approach will see that it works basis the customers. The actions strategy and decision will all be according to what a customer wants and what his needs are. Today most of the successful businesses do what customers want instead of what they think is right for the customers. Product oriented approach as we already defined revolves around the product being developed. This sort of a approach is criticized and looked down as these are not liked by customers. Today the education , awareness and massive competition has made customers more sensitive and informed hence to be able to survive the companies also need to be keeping customers perspective in mind.

A successful marketing oriented company will research the desires and needs of target market and develops products according to that , innovates and provides better solution compared to competitors. Rather than making customers adjust or like what the company is offering, the companies have to modify their product mix to suit and tailor to the demand of the customer. The product oriented company philosophy will be more towards technology focused as their focus is less on what customer wants but more on what their technology offers , how innovations can be brought in etc. Marketing orientation is more of a cultural aspect and not a one time or one day process. It needs to bring a change in how a company thinks , how its policies are made, how its people think. To be able to secure greater details on marketing orientation contact the assignment help desk of BookMyEssay for assignment writing service.

Market Oriented As a Concept

Market oriented company is the one where the management and the leadership believe in marketing orientation as a culture. They would prioritize marketplace than the products to be able to sustain and grow in the market. Marketing orientation is the concept or the culture while market oriented is the company itself. While the consumers will be all praised for such companies but the company themselves should have enough talent , finances, technology and right support to be able to meet in the demand of the consumers in the right spirit and ofcourse ensuring right inflow of profits.

A market oriented economy however is a little different concept. It generally defines a marketing system or an economy where there is free marketing system for goods and services. Also this is like it happens in US . There are less or no government restrictions or rules. This system generally dictates a more of free economy system where the marketplace will itself decides for the fate of the companies. BookMyEssay team of professionals provide for detailed error free marketing assignment, report and  essay writing service across the globe. Contact us today for the best original content.

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