Hidden Concepts Behind The New Year Celebration

The new year brings a new beginning for many that is filled with utmost joy and happiness. It is the time when people start making resolutions for the upcoming year, they set a target goal for their business and most importantly New year tells that it’s a new beginning. Forget about the bad things that happened in the last year, just focus on a fresh beginning and new start. When everyone indulged in the partying mood why students have to suffer and write an academic assignment? BookMyEssay offers you literature essay writing help at pocket-friendly costs without any hassle.

No doubt that January 1 is the beginning for a new start. But have you ever wondered why we celebrate New year on 1st January only? Why it doesn’t happen on 1 December or 1March? Maybe this question often revolves in your head but you don’t have a specific answer. In this blog, you will get to know why 1st January is being chosen for the New Year Celebration.

Roman Theory

Way back when it had been observed that Romans worshipped a god named “Janus”. He was considered as the god of gates and doors. He was having two faces- one face was looking in forward direction whereas other was looking in backward. Julius Ceaser, a great king of that time, thought that the face which is looking forward would be appropriated for the month of January. Hence while making Julian calendar he had declared 1st January is the date for the new year. Soon after when the Rome feel and religion of Christianity is widely spread, they considered it as the auspicious date and marked 1st January as the date for the new year. Hire essay writing help for the detailed information of Roman Theory.

Mesopotamia Theory

People of Iraq started the concept of New year celebration in the year 2000 BC. Generally, at the time when vernal equinox took place in March (mid-march). Earlier there were only 10 months in the calendar, due to which 1 March was considered as the date for new year celebration. November and December months were the ninth and tenth one. However, Roman people credited their king, named Numa with the formation of two more months, that is January and February. 1 January is the auspicious day for them, so, they took this date for new year celebration.

Scientific Theory

Earlier people don’t have a specific idea of this date but today we can know the exact reason behind this mystery date. Perihelion is the time when the earth is nearest to the sun in a yearly orbit, and it generally happens on 1st January or around this time-period. That is the reason why people celebrate the new year on this date. You can also Hire assignment  and homework writing help for the broad knowledge of this topic.

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