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Algebra is an interesting part of the Mathematics for the students. In which we can easily fine the solution of a lengthy process by using different pre-defined equations. Every algebraic equation is a combination of constants and variables. In algebra, constants are the fixed quantities and variable are enumerating the vulnerable to vary. You can easily get the equation in the mathematics everywhere. An algebraic definition always refers to an algebraic expression with an equal symbol. You can also define the equation as an expression which is equal to (=) between the two or more different quantities.

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In this algebraic assignment help, you can get the review of different types of algebraic equations:
  • Linear Equation: It is an algebraic equation, in which every term is either constant or a single variable. You can define this equation by using straight line in a graph.
Basic form of a Linear Equation with two variables: Y= mx + c, m≠ 0.

Here We are Defining the Different Equations with Different Variable Values:

  • Linear Equation with one variable, here simple equation contains the single variable.
Example: 9a- 9 = 0      8a = 72
  • Linear Equation with two variables, here equation contains two variables like
Examples: 5x +5y = 10          9x -5y = 15
  • Linear equation with three variables, here this equation contains three variables.
Examples: 3x +3y -2z = 13 7a +5b -3c =10
  • Radical Equation: In this equation, the maximum exponent on the variable is ½ and equation contains more than one term
Example:  √x + 15 = 25
  • Quadratic Equation: This is the second-degree equation that contains one variable and that variable contains the variable with an exponent of 2.
Example: ax² + bx + c = 0, a≠ 0.
  • Exponential Equation: This equation contains the variable in the place of exponents.
Example:  4ˣ = 0   In this equation 4 is the base and x is the exponent.
  • Rational Equation: This equation contains the rational expression.
Example:x = x+2 2       4

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