Gothic Literature: A Definition and List of Gothic Fiction Elements

Gothic literature is one of the most celebrated artists of writing all around the world. You may find gothic reminiscence in the earliest of the 18th century. The gothic culture began its journey from the European countries under the form of realism and now has taken all over the world because of the emphatic writing style it possesses. it becomes significant to understand what gothic literature stands for and what made it so famous all around the world.

The gothic culture holds writing referring to dark, horror, supernatural and romantic elements which excited the readers and have maintained the antiquity of engaging readers even now.

Conventions Of Gothic Literature

The elements of gothic literature carried out some aesthetically designed dark cultures and dark settings in which the story took place with reference to immense horror and supernatural activities. These supernatural and paranormal texts gave chills to the readers which was a major reason for the infamous widespread of gothic literature.

It carried conventions like romanticizing periods where mostly the protagonist fought the antagonist for his love. The supernatural powers took place during the war between the protagonist and antagonist in order to save the love, facing immense torture and dark behavior within the captivity of the antagonist.

It elicits creative horror developments consisting of scary figures such as monsters, demons, witches, vampires, etc. these scary figures gave rise to rumors all across Europe and gothic literature became a popular writing zone.

Along with the darkness it carried some nerve-racking scenarios of sexuality and impulsive romantic moments that really gave goosebumps to the readers. The sexual desires it emphasized were very new and fascinating for the readers. It possessed sexual activities in heterogeneous ways.

Elements of Gothic Literature

The literature showcased elements that attracted a huge set of readers through the European sub-continent.

It presented beautifully drawn and created architecture such as castles and buildings that were way ahead of their time because of the supernatural elements. The architecture was derived from the Indian Mughal architecture. This made gothic literature famous in the Indian sub-continent as well as later in the 19th century.

It described omens and time stories referring to good or bad in time periods. Every story had its own set of rules and description about omens and every character had a different past that affect the story in many ways.

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