Everything You Need to Know About Article Writing

The article is the genre of article writing which is written for the huge audience. There are multiple forms of the article and they are published in magazine, newspaper, journals, etc. Writing an article gives you the opportunity to share your compelling opinions and information with best writers. Article writing is the most common part of the student’s coursework during their academic career. No matter what course students are pursuing, they assigned the task to write articles on numerous topics. Writing an article can be a very tedious task because it requires proper research work and time. If you are stuck with this task, then you can take academic article writing help from BookMyEssay. We would future discuss the things that you must consider if you want to make your article captive and informative for your readers.


Steps to Construct an Effective Article

Idea: Generating an ideal topic for article writing is the first thing that you should focus on. It is important to get familiar with the form of an article that you want to write, whether it is for news, feature, profile or editorial. Once you have got a clear vision about the form of the article, you can move on to the next step which is concerned with finding a brainstorming topic. Choosing a topic for different types of article writing is a very challenging task. You must choose the topic keeping in mind the interest of your audience. You must feel passionate about the topic you are choosing so that it encourages you to conduct in-depth academic research on that topic. The selection of a good and interesting topic would make your article writing task a lot easier.

Research: This is a crucial part of article writing. You must prepare yourself for research on the article writing topics that you have chosen for your article. Researching part is little time-consuming. These are the important factors that should be kept in mind while researching. Using reliable sources  You must use reliable sources like newspapers, library books, internet, coursework books, etc. for collecting all the information and data for your article writing format and topic. 

Outline: After gathering all the necessary information, it is time to create an outline for your article. This part includes deciding the length and word count of the article as per the given instructions. Generally, there is a common five-paragraph format for article writing which includes the introduction, three paragraphs of body and conclusion. Creating an outline for the article in this format can make your task easier. It helps in organising the content of the article. Writing: This is the main part of article writing where you can begin writing the final draft of your writing. Start with writing a compelling and engaging introduction that describes the central idea of the article.

Your introduction paragraph must contain all the arguments that you are going to discuss the future in your article. Do not elaborate everything in advance. It generates the curiosity of the readers and they are compelled to read the entire article to find answers to their questions.Keep following the outline that you have created for your article. Once you are done writing the introductory paragraph then you can proceed with your task by writing three main paragraphs of the body. Adding all the necessary information with evident support can construct a strong body for your article. Keep your focus on the style, structure, format and the voice. You can also consider hiring article writing services for this complicated part. The last part is concerned with ending your article with a strong concluding paragraph can make your essay effective by also looking at some article writing examples.

Proofreading: After completing the final draft, you must read your article over and over again to find errors and mistakes by proofreading . Make sure that your article is free from all kind of grammatical, spelling, repetitive errors. Following these steps for drafting an article would surely help you. But if you are looking for expert help, then BookMyEssay is the perfect place for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need article writing services at affordable prices.

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