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Electrical engineering deals generally with the study of electricity. Electrical engineering assignments have a lot of numerical parts related to the areas of electricity to solve. So the students have to work very hard to get their assignments completed in an accurate manner. It needs help from professionals like BookMyEssay where experts are to cater electrical engineering assignment help.

The discovery of electricity is a boon for the world. Nobody can do anything without the intervention of electricity in one way or the other. The efficient way of using electricity is the first and the foremost duty of an electrical engineer. He has to study various complex topics to achieve this. The main topics to be covered in the course of study are electric motors, electricity generation, and electrical distribution, historical aspects related to electrical engineering, modern installations of electric appliances, and various types of control systems, computers and microprocessors. All these topics use scientific disciplines like physics, mathematics, chemistry etc.

Electrical engineering can be studied in four sub-disciplines. These are:

  • Generation of power: It is the conversion of any form of energy to electrical energy. The energy may from any non-renewable resources of energy like coal, natural gas, petroleum, uranium, plutonium etc. It may also be from renewable resources like solar energy from the sun, hydroelectric energy from water, wind energy from the wind, tidal energy from oceans or seas etc. There are an AC generator and a turbine. The sources of energy rotate the turbine and in turn, the AC generator converts the rotational energy of the turbine into electrical energy.
  • Transmission of power: The area where the electricity is produced is called a power station. Electric power has to be transmitted to the substations. The transmission system has to be very efficient in order to minimize the loss of energy during transmission.
  • Distribution of power: It is the final distribution of power to the customers. The electric engineering assignments depict the need of an efficient distribution system so that the customers get the maximum benefit of the electricity.
  • Utilization of power: The utilization of power means that the electricity should be used in a way to produce motion, heat or light or in a combination of these. The utilization is done by using electric appliances which should be efficient enough not to waste electricity.

An example shown below gives a glimpse of what an electrical engineering assignment would like. It is having a problem in which we have to find the voltage in the circuit. The value of current flowing through the circuit and the resistances attached in the circuit are given.

Problem: Find the voltage VR2 in the circuit in the figure given below.

Solution: This problem can be solved using the superposition method. This method is based on the elimination of all sources except one at a time. It utilizes a series or parallel analysis in order to determine the drop in voltage in the modified network for each power source. The light source can be activated at the first step.

Now the left source will be set on zero (see the figure below).

Now we could see that R1 has become parallel to R2. So, the total value of VR2 = 16,875 V.

So, by seeing the above-mentioned example of electrical engineering assignment, we can observe that one has to be very accurate and error-free while making electrical engineering assignments. This assignment has been prepared by one of our electric engineering experts. These experts are having vast experience of making electric engineering assignments so the chances of occurrence of an error are nil. There are various other examples of electrical engineering assignments which can be found on our website BookMyEssay.com.

Getting help for Electrical Engineering Assignments:

Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with electricity and its applications. Students taking up electrical engineering courses should be fully aware of the electrical engineering concepts while answering the questions asked in the electrical engineering assignments. The models, plans, and projects demand an in-depth knowledge of electricity, magnetism and their applications. A student of electrical engineering needs professional assignment writing help if they want to have higher grades in their course. BME, an online professional assignment writing help provider is catering to the needs of science students throughout the world. The writers at BookMyEssay are well versed in engineering assignments as most of our clients are from engineering and management fields. The writers are preferred by students of top universities and colleges all over the world. The electrical engineering assignments help is in full compliance with the style and guidelines prescribed by the concerned college or university. The charges are reasonable and fit in every student’s pocket. High-quality assignments along with help chat available 24 x 7 are a fruitful combination offered to all the students and get best essay writing guide.

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