Dramatic Irony Examples in Different Media

Literature has been the prominent source of entertainment since antiquity. Its prolonging has prevailed due to the dynamic adaptive behavior as well as its diversity. Literature has been present around us and has kept on evolving from Vedas to futuristic modern literature. Dramatic irony is one such product of its evolving aspects.

The Question Arises- What is Dramatic Irony in literature?

As the name suggests the technique is associated with drama. It is one such technique where the viewers or the audience are aware of the climax or the plot but the character performing does not. To get a crystal clear view about dramatic irony we will understand through a couple of examples.

Examples of Dramatic Irony

  • A body builder competing in a competition is expecting to win the trophy after the final responses of the judges, but the audience is aware of the fact that the judges gave such responses to motivate him as he is going to lose from the other competitor. This generates a huge amount of thrill and suspense.
  • In the Bollywood classic ‘3 idiots’ after a point the audience knows that Aamir Khan is Phunsukh Wengadu but the characters in the film are unaware of this fact. This generates a lot of humor as the director intended.

These are examples of dramatic irony which probably have given you an idea about how dramatic irony works. The major reason to adopt this form of literature was because of the widely accepted thrill it generates within the audience. As an audience everybody wants to be on the edge of the seat but a climax does not always works out for everyone. However the case with dramatic irony was to get laid back and enjoy what the character does to attain that climax the audience already knows.

The concept is very interesting and successful because of the large direction room it offers. It can be molded into any genre be it comedy/humor, scary, dark, action, sci-fi, romantic etc. we can count down numerous examples by the amazing fictional writer Shakespeare. In his books he has structured a lot of stories by assisting the dramatic irony literature.

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