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A dissertation is not your regular assignment or essay. It is a comprehensive document that students have to write to attain their Ph.D. degree. As writing a dissertation is an elongated process, the students need support from different sources. We, at BookMyEssay, have also tried to help these students by creating this dissertation. Every segment of this guide covers different aspects of dissertation and custom assignment writing. You can also contact experts from our team to get more information related to it.

Importance of Dissertation

Several individuals, who have not started the dissertation preparation process, are unaware of the importance of the dissertation. There are multiple reasons that tell the vitality of a dissertation. You can get a well-paying job if you have written an impressive dissertation. At the institutional level, a dissertation helps you get good grades, and ultimately, enhance the CGPA. You can also reflect your ability as a researcher through a dissertation. You can get admission in a reputable university with the help of a well-written dissertation. The information present in the dissertation can help the upcoming generation of researchers. Simply put, a dissertation is something you cannot ignore. It can transform your academic and professional life.

Main parts of a Dissertation

The dissertation is a formal document consisting of following parts:
  •  Abstract - It is a summary of your dissertation. You have to include research question, along with an outline of chapters and the conclusion in this part.
  •  Research Question - It is the basic question around which you whole dissertation revolves. This is usually written in a separate section. The curiosity among readers for your dissertation is directly proportional to the quality of your research question.
  •  Literature Review - In this segment, you have to provide the details of existing research work related to your topic. Through this segment, the dissertation committee comes to know that you are well aware of the existing literature.
  •  Chapters - These are the major sections where you reveal your research work. Divide your document into five or more chapters to present it as a well-written dissertation. Usually, five chapters are considered ideal. Make sure every chapter is focused on a specific topic. Also, ensure the chapters are concise without any unnecessary information. Another thing to keep in mind is that the chapters should be written in easily understandable language.
  •  Bibliography - The students need to mention the direct and indirect sources in this section. It is a tabular list containing the authors’ names that a student has consulted during the dissertation writing process. The references used in the research work are mentioned in alphabetical order. To make it more appealing, you can divide it into journals, books, and internet resources.
Make sure to proofread every section after writing it. Also, check these sections for plagiarism using an online tool.

Searching for dissertation topic

It all begins by searching a topic for your work. A huge chunk of time is wasted on searching the right topic. Students also waste their time shifting from one topic to another. Here are surefire tips to save your time and effort:
  1.  Start by reading dissertations on similar subjects. You will become aware of different ideas.
  2.  Select a topic that matches your interest. This is because you have to spend substantial working on the subject. And you don’t want to spend it on something you don’t like.
  3.  A quick literature review is a good idea to find some interesting questions. This may take some time, but the chances of landing with a good topic are high.
  4.  Make sure your research topic does not overlap with contemporary research works.
  5.  Register for workshops, seminars, webinars, and internships. Through these events, you will get various research ideas.
  6.  The research should be relevant to the society in one way or the other. This is because, as a researcher, you also need to attract funding.
  7.  Make sure the topic is formally approved by the committee and your supervisor.

Writing a Research Question

While formulation a research question, check whether the research is going to benefit the research field. Also, examine if the question has potential to get funding for the research. Try to select the questions on topics that are still untouched. Your research question should not be unfocused or broad. Avoid doing research on something on which myriads of researches have already been conducted. You must also mention the limitations and scope of the research.

Key research methodologies to be used

Dissertation research methodology can be referred as methods utilized for collecting data and information to write a dissertation. Here we discuss top methods for qualitative and quantitative research.


It is the most popular and important methodology of quantitative research. These surveys reveal quantitative results related to populations. Some examples of surveys are polls, census, and market research analysis. You can take the help of Google Forms or Survey Monkey for this purpose.


The interaction between two individuals, in which an interviewer asks some questions to obtain information, is referred as an interview. The interviews are mainly used for dissertations related to marketing, social sciences, and psychology. In an Informal interview, an interviewer uses a conversational style, whereas, in a formal interview, same questions are asked to every interviewee. Apart from a face-to-face mode of interview, the interviewers also use emails and video calling for this purpose.

Historical Research

This form of research involves collecting and analyzing already existing data, especially for history and related subjects. Historical documents and archival sources present in the museums and the archives are used for this purpose. The researchers also utilize census data, memoirs, recollections, autobiographies, and journal articles for this purpose.

Case Study

This methodology is mainly used in business and law. The researchers apply theories in real life scenarios to check whether these theories are valid or not. This methodology is also used social sciences.

Theoretical Analysis

It is mainly popular for theoretical streams, such as cultural studies, philosophy, English, film studies, etc. A researcher applies high philosophical theories in a subject to question assumptions about human society.


Just like bibliography, citations are also necessary. You can cite your sources using one of this style.

  • Harvard Style - The author’s name and publication year appear in the text within parenthesis.
  • Chicago Style – in this style, citations are written as endnotes or as footnotes.
  • APA (American Psychological Association) Style – It is used for science subjects and is comparable to in-text citation styles.
  • MLA referencing – It is used in subjects related to humanities. In this style, author’s name is stated on the page number.

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