Dissertation Proofreading Secrets: What You Need to Know

Finally, after spending days that seem endless on your dissertation assignment, it is almost over. Now, you can sit back and relax on your couch but right before you start planning your happy hours you need to complete one last task. Finalizing your write-up!

You have heard this many time before “dissertation is one of the most important projects you will ever work upon”. It may sound annoying but it is absolutely true.  At this point, you have successfully managed to surpass some of the major obstacles of assignment writing task which are challenging to others. Of course, you have taken the guidance or assistance through the dissertation writing services that taught you how to Pen down your thoughts through a step-by-step process. Now, when you have finally reached the peak of your journey there is one last challenge that is keeping you from getting the degree you deserve “editing and proofreading”.

This may seem a very easy task as you have already covered the challenging part of the dissertation proofreading writing; now you only need to read the lines one by one and fix the flaws here and there, right? Unfortunately, it is not the case here. Even professional writers feel overwhelmed by the editing process. As they have spent months to create the final draft of the dissertation and now they have to be ruthless while editing their draft. So, when you are too attached with the write-up, here are some Dissertation Proofreading Tips that will work just fine for you.

Step-by-Step Process to Edit a Document

  • Take a break from the writing hassle

Your first reaction after completing the dissertation might be “Oh I am done, now I have to edit proofread and submit the final copy” Not so fast. As you are already so attached to your dissertation, you won’t be able to see it from an unbiased point, let alone find and fix the flaws and mistakes.

After completing the dissertation, you need to allow yourself to take a break from the writing hassle. Try to spend at least a few days focusing on your hobby, get some fresh air, read something and return back to the write-up with the fresh mind. You will be surprised to discover that you can now read the content as someone else had written it. This way you will easily find the flaws that were not there before. With the break, you are finally ready to go with the editing stage.

  • Edit First, Proofread Later
  1. Editing:  During the editing part, you need to make the improvement in language use, the flow of words, expression and quality of your write-up. Right before you start editing the document, you need to read it at least two times and take the notes of the points where you can make improvement. Once done, you can start removing unnecessary sentences, adding more words and phrases to enhance the value of the dissertation.
  2. Proofreading: Proof-reading is another essential aspect of the thesis writing but it is a lot simpler than editing. Once you are done improving the write-up, you can begin with the proofreading. There is no point of analysing and improving grammar and spelling errors if you are eventually going to remove that part later. Therefore, it is highly considered to edit first and proofread later.
  • Format the Referencing

Do smart work and skip the hard work! this is what you need to implement here. Rather than leaving the referencing part for later, try to keep the track of the sources from where you have gathered the information. At last, don’t forget to format the references according to the citation style. Remember, every comma, full stop or capital letter you use to make a difference. Students can avail dissertation research proposal writing service at an affordable cost from experts without any hassle.

In the end, just follow the above Dissertation proofreading writing tips provided by BookMyEssay and you will come out clean.

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