Defeat Algebra Fear from Your Kids with these Practical Solutions

Gather a bunch of students in a room and ask from them whether they like Algebra in mathematics or not? Most of them will surely be going to reply, NO! We don’t like Algebra. The reason is they have a lack of skills in three basic areas. Wanted to know what are those three basic areas which stem a seed of phobia in kid’s mind? Then read this full blog and understand the reason behind this. Moreover, you can also hire algebra homework help for more information.

Why Students Afraid of Algebra? Multiplication

Most of the times kids revise the tables in a jingle and song form which increase the counting time. However, algebra is all about multiplication. When students make calculations in a lengthy way, then time consumption of evaluating a result is also gets increased. Just because students are not efficient in basic multiplication skills, that’s why they get trouble in learning the concepts of Algebra.

Solution: It will be good for your kids to solve basic multiplication in mind only. Just like whenever somebody asks what is the multiplication of 25*25, then your kid should be quick in reply by calculating in his mind. The reply must be instant from your kid and he should say quickly that it’s 625!


The most common skills students lack is Fractions. They usually have confusion in solving fractions. It looks quite complicated for them whenever the look these kinds of terms like 5/9th wrench or 1/7th of the tank. These kinds of terms increase the fear of mathematics in kids mind which is stressful and disturbing for the whole life.

Solution: If your kids have fraction phobia, then no need to worry. First of all, comfort your child and come up with small problems of fractions. Don’t move to complicated ones until he(s) is comfortable with the easy fraction. You can also take help of equations for simplifying the concepts. Once, your child gets comfortable with these terms, then it becomes easier to solve any question. Other than that, you can also hire essay writing help for more information.


The other trouble which comes in the path of kid’s life is positive & negative terms. They often come up with a query what I should do with Positive and negative? Just figure out the answer to this question +3- (-8), when kids look at these kinds of an equation, they get puzzled, what to do next. This ultimately increases their fear for mathematics field, especially for algebra.

Solution: Whenever, this kind of equation comes in front of your kids, then make sure they do not get afraid. Algebra is all about the rules. Once your child is clear with these concepts, he can easily get his answer, that is +11.

So, next time when your child saying No to Algebra, then just follow these solutions to make this topic interesting for them. Apart from this, you can also hire cheap homework help to know more about Mathematics.

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