Crucial Steps to Master Machine Learning Via Python

The Python is one of the most important programming languages at the present time for machine learning professionals. This is because of its rich features-set. The feature dataset in Python includes:

  • The language is object oriented and at the same time it is a powerful scripting tool.
  • The syntax of python is simple and very easy to understand.
  • The interactive mode of python helps the programmer protest short  snippets of the code while developing the program.
  • It has a user friendly and simple data structure.
  • Python has extensive standard library

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Also Read: Factors to Consider Before Using Python Language Here is a sample assignment written on the topic Steps to Mastering Machine Learning with Python: Step 1: Basic Python Skills

In-order to use Python for Machine learning, first of all we have to have some basic knowledge of this programming language. Because, this programming language is in use for some time already for both scientific calculations and machine learning, thus, it is easy to start the learning process.

As our intention is to start machine learning and scientific computation, it is sensible to put in Anaconda. This python version is supported by all operating systems like Linux, OSX and Windows. This version comes with  package for machine learning and it includes matplotlib, numpy and scikit-learn.

Step 2: Foundation Of Machine Learning Skills

The second step is important for those who are looking to get into the data science because most of such tasks performed by data scientists includes knowledge of Machine learning to some extent. And before getting a hold on experimentation with different algorithms, for anyone, who wants to become a data scientist it is very important to gain required amount of theoretical knowledge. Some courses are available for the same online.

Step 3: Scientific Packages Overview of Python

By now you must be having a solid basic foundational understanding of the fundamentals of Python programming which is used for Machine learning. You can start discovering Python packages of different types that can be used with Python to get a desired result.

The popular Python libraries for machine learning applications are:

Numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit learn

Step 4: Start The Machine Learning in Python

At this state you can start implementing algorithms of the machine learning using the library scikit-learn. For the python algorithm, iPython Notebook provides the excellent interactive execution environment. You can find these notebooks online and offline as well.

Step 5: Python Machine Learning Topics

After understanding the scikit-learn well, you can move to advance levels by finding out other popular machine learning algorithms. Some of them are

k-means Clustering, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression.

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