Creative Writing: Special Exercises for the Reluctant Writers

Without any doubt, creative writing can be exhausting. Engaging yourself in these activities can be extremely beneficial for you. This is why creative writing is considered one of the most essential practices in the academic curriculum of the students. The creative writers are very passionate about literature and if you want to enhance your skills you should too. However, if you are facing any kind of troubles with any such kind of task then you can take creative writing help from the experts of BookMyEssay.

Here in this blog, we are going to present you with some creative writing exercises that can be helpful for reluctant writers. Let’s explore more about it.

Creative Writing Activities for Students to Explore

Here is the terrific list of exercises that can be used for enhancing the creative writing skills:

Free Writing: Spending 5 minutes to compose a draft on any “interesting word” defined by the instructor.

Modeling: Find yourself some examples of good, interesting writing that evokes your interests and try to imitate their work.

Character: Go through some random pictures of characters and things available on the Internet. Form a story around your character keeping that image in mind. You can also use prompt questions for this.

Skills Lessons: Learn about the writer’s craft components in masses and concentrate on particular ones at a moment. This includes examples such as developing setting, dialogue, narrative point of view, conflict, etc.

Music: Play mild instrumental background music to set the writing mood while working. This will help you concentrate.

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Other Engaging Creative Writing Exercises

Here are some other selective creative writing exercises for the students:

Life is Like a Box of......: You can use this prompt to share your experience. Go like this: “Life is like a box of…” Fill in the blank and start expressing.

No-Send Letters: Write a letter to someone you want but you must know that you will never send it out. What would you like to write on it?

Create a Monologue: Form one character of your choice. Choose names, gender, ages, and professions. After you have chosen a character you can start creating a monologue for it.

Stirring up Metaphors: Brainstorm overused metaphor expressions. Change the last word of every metaphor you have with something creative. Give it an unexpected ending.

Found Poetry: This is an activity that you can do with your friends. Arrange a scavenger hunt around the college. Locate signs, words, notes, labels, and pictures. Compile all the stuff and compose poetry using it.

Other than all these activities, there are also some fun things that you can do with creative writing. To name a few, here are some of them:

  • Try to Rewrite an even from the past. This can be about the stories you have never heard. Read about them and write them in your own words.
  • For small activities, you can explain something you want to in 100 words. Write creatively about anything you want.
  • If you like watching movies you can write reviews about them. Explain everything and critical analysis of the plot, character development, and storyline of the movie.
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