Comparison Between Advanced Java and Core Java

Among all the programming languages of the present times, Java is one of the foremost programming languages. This language has an enormous number of features that are preferred by most programmers. Since its inception, this programming language is a high-level, object-oriented, class-based, and general-purpose language that forms one of the most prevailing programming languages in the world. The Java programming languages are of two different types. One is Core Java, and the other one is Advanced Java. Both of them differ in the functions and features on the various web platforms. Therefore in this blog, we will discuss the distinctive features of Core Java and Advanced Java. The contents of the Core Java assignment help support the students in understanding the basic features of Java.

Java Platforms

The Java programming language has four different platforms. These platforms are named Java ME, Java EE, Java SE, and Java FX. Thus each of these mentioned Java platforms come with a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and an API (Application Programming Interface). Unlike the byte code, the Java Virtual Machine is platform-dependent, and it can be understood as a program used for running the Java applications. Different Java Virtual Machines are meant for allowing the Java code to execute on the various platforms. The Java API is used for creating other software components, and it is analogous to a library. Each of the Java platforms appears with a distinct set of Java API and JVM. An application that is written for a specific platform can run on any compatible system with the respective Java Virtual Machine. The writers of our company deliver the best content of theCore Java assignment writing help services o the students.

Difference Between Core Java and Advanced Java

The feature and functionality-wise difference between Core Java and Advanced Java are as follows:

  • Core Java is the basic form of Java that is used in all Java platforms and technologies. In contrast, Advanced Java is the specialization of the Core Java in a few of the specific domain, such as network, database handling, and the web. The error –lees contents of the Core Java assignment help prove highly beneficial for the students. For developing general applications, core java covers the fundamental concepts of Java programming language. On the other hand, advanced Java covers the advanced topics of Java that pertain to the Java programming language, which helps in building enterprise-level applications.
  • The applications that are developed using Core Java are standalone, which are meant to be either platform-specific or cross-platform. Whereas the applications that are developed using Advanced Java are either used by the enterprises or are at an enterprise level. By reading the contents of the Core Java assignment help, the students can understand the concept of object-oriented programming language.
  • The Core Java makes use of single-tier architecture. On the contrary, Advanced Java uses instances of two-tier architecture, such as the client-server architecture. In a single-tier architecture, the data is stored in the local system or in a shared drive.

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