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In every research paper, you need a thesis to prove your points. Good thesis writing assignments connect your research paper with the thesis in just the same way as flesh and bones. Your research should be backed up with claims or arguments, the other names for the thesis. It acts a backbone or spine to your research paper. As all of your body parts are connected to the spines and you cannot stand without your backbone, similarly, your research paper is connected to your thesis and it cannot stand high without it. If you find any parts unconnected you should better revise them or eliminate them so that they appear connected.

For writing a good thesis, a good thesis statement is required. It is a sentence or two in the introductory part of your thesis. It tells the reader what the thesis is all about. Thesis statements can be about matters of fact, interpretations, analysis or values just as the topic indicates. It is the main point, main idea or central message. It should be catchy enough to attract the reader. Professional help in thesis writing assignment by BookMyEssay will always assist you.

Types of Thesis:

The thesis can be of two types generally. These are:
  • Descriptive Thesis: It tells about the claim you have about the things which are as they are. A descriptive thesis makes an ‘is’ statement. It appeals to evidence which can be observed and confirmed by anyone. The logic it provides can be tested by anyone. It mostly deals with measurement, analysis, interpretation, and explanation.
  • Prescriptive Thesis: It tells about the claim you have about how the things should be. It also uses evidence, logic, measurement, analysis, interpretation, and explanation but unlike descriptive thesis, it makes a ‘should’ statement. It appeals to shared values or morals like an assessment of what is good and bad.

Writing Tips:

  • Deciding the right time to start the Thesis: It mainly depends on the research work completion and the time you are allotted in your course. It is preferable that you should start writing at least some parts of your thesis along with your ongoing research.
  • Structuring Your Thesis: Structuring your thesis is very important. You can take help from your guide or internet for a sample structure. All postgraduate theses are unique but there are two main structures to be followed by all. One is to structure the thesis as a series of journals that can be submitted for publication. By following this structure you don’t have to write articles separately. Another way is to structure the thesis in the form of a book having chapters. It will look like this: Title Page; Abstract; Contents; Chapters (Number wise); Bibliography and Appendices.
  • Improve your writing Skills: The best way for this is to complete the draft of your thesis as early as possible and send it to your guide for a review. It will help you to find errors and improve them accordingly. This may happen a few times until your mistakes are omitted completely.
  • Keep track of the Bibliography: Arrange your data by organizing your bibliography. Create a database where you can keep a summary of each article or chapter. This helps you to remember their particulars. You can use software tools such as EndNote. It is a Reference Management Software (RMS). It is relatively simple to use. It builds your bibliography automatically.
  • No Plagiarism: Try to avoid any plagiarism. Always mention the source of your information.

Getting Help:

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