Basic Knowledge You Must Have about Civil Engineering as Your Career

Civil engineering deals with studying, designing, developing, supervising, and maintaining of the built environment (naturally and manmade) such as tunnels, highways, water supply systems, roads, dams, bridges, buildings, etc.

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Types of Civil Engineering Branches

There are different types of civil engineering branches and these are listed below:
  1. Construction
  2. Coastal
  3. Earthquake
  4. Environmental
  5. Geotechnical
  6. Material
  7. Municipal
  8. Surveying
  9. Structural
  10. Tunnel
  11. Transportation
  12. Water resource

Civil Engineer’s Responsibilities

Civil engineers are usually the employees of private companies, municipalities, and federal government hired for the construction of structures and public work. Their main task is to ensure the high-quality construction of a structure.

Here is a list of basic responsibilities:
  • Analyze and forecast the long-term effects of the construction process.
  • Create plans and design practical milestones
  • Estimate the cost of resources used in a construction project
  • Reporting work status to the company and public
  • Manage the repair and work site

Skills Needed in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers work in manufacturing plants, constructing sites, offices, and laboratories. They need to be detail-oriented and have effective communication skills, analytical mind, and interpersonal dynamics. Following are some professional & technical skills that reward an individual with the highest position in top companies:

  • Ability to work with a dynamic team
  • Learning skills
  • Solution-oriented and decision-making
  • Necessary qualifications
  • Good mathematical knowledge
  • Updated knowledge of the latest engineering tools and techniques
Qualification need

Students seeking a career in this profession must take PCM (science) in senior secondary school. B.E or in this course is must to get a good job. Diploma programmes are also designed to upgrade student to a bachelor’s degree through AMIE (associate membership of Institute of engineers). You can take a master’s degree with specialization to pursue higher education in the same discipline of engineering.

The scope of civil engineering
  1. A skilled candidate can work in a foreign country in MNCs to get technologically advanced knowledge.
  2. Job opportunities in the government sector
Career opportunities

With a complete skills set, required qualification, and detailed knowledge, a candidate can take up multiple jobs in various companies. Civil engineering study opens the door for the following positions:

  1. Civil engineer
  2. Project manager
  3. Site engineer
  4. Assistant civil engineer
  5. Geotechnical engineer
  6. Planning & design officer
  7. Transportation engineer
  8. Structural engineer
  9. Assistant project manager
  10. Purchase and quality control executive

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The academic course of civil engineering includes study of so many subjects such as mechanics of solids, engineering mathematics, basic of civil engineering, computer programming & utilization, fluid mechanics, structural analysis, building construction, structural design, engineering geology, civil engineering machinery & equipment, irrigation engineering, coastal structure and port engineering, and more.  So, writing assignment requires knowledge of all these topics.

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