Automated Essay Scoring- Detailed Explanation

In the era of constant delegation and workload management, something like automated essay writing has been a blessing for teachers because of technological advancements. These computer advancements have enabled teachers to delegate their work to an automated device known as (AES) automatic essay scoring. It also allows teachers to assign scores to essays submitted by students. the automated device used for scoring essays has given a great boost to teachers as it was very tough for a teacher to read out all the essays submitted by students in the educational institution and mark them on the basis of that. This is because it is physically impossible with the limited time to notice all the minute details and mistakes in a long-formatted essay.

The automated essay scoring uses natural language processing which is a crafted artificial intelligence that enables a computer to comprehend the human language and thus assess educational texts. One might wonder on what basis an AES work and is principled. It is based on an amalgamation of elements which are:

  • Word count
  • Vocabulary
  • Error density
  • Variation of sentences
  • Length variations
  • Structuring of paragraphs

And furthermore, minute details that go into writing an essay. This has so far been the fastest result-generating device as it takes just 2 seconds to assess an essay of a student and generate the marks. The auto essay writer has literally been the best of boons the writing community has been blessed with.

Foundation of AES

The technology might sound very fascinating and advanced but it was founded back in 1966 when Ellis Grade developed a project known as Essay Grade. However, it was not this advanced and quick back in the day and there has been an outstanding level of technological growth that has helped this software advance.

But the foundation structure was laid back then and it gained popularity with computers in 1990. Although computers back then were costly and not for a lot of people to afford the delicacy of writing was promoted. Since the technology has started being in demand and has started selling at a cheaper rate the AES system has strengthened its roots and made sure it keeps getting better and bigger. Now the AES system has been widely accessible because of the widespread popularity it has gained as it has been the most effective and efficient as well as the most accurate source of generating marks.

This has helped hassle-free evaluation and made sure to save the time of students as well as the teachers which enables them to focus on academics which is the most important aspect on the forehand.

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