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From online courses to Ph.D. level education, every course requires you to submit assignments. And this part of education (assignment preparation) is often considered the most difficult one for the students. To help them in the process, we have created this assignment writing guide. Every section of this guide discusses a specific aspect of writing an assignment. You can also contact the assignment writing experts from BookMyEssay to get the help related to the same. Students can also read simple guide to write research paper on-time.

What is an Assignment and Why is it Assigned?

An assignment is an extremely broad term that refers to work assigned during your course. It can be an essay, presentation, case study, research paper, or simply a set of questions.

The basic purpose of assignment is to evaluate how much the students have learned in class. They are also considered a means to help students understand the topic better. The assignments help students get good grades during their evaluation. The grades can impact the overall CGPA of the students.

Researching the Topic

Usually, the institution provides the assignment topic, and the students have to submit it accordingly. If you are asked to choose the topic on your own, you need to keep two things in mind. First, make sure the topic revolves around concepts taught in the subject. Second, the material related to the topic should be available in abundance. Take the help of periodicals to find suitable topics. You can also browse through Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature. Another idea is to ask what your seniors had submitted. You can modify their topic with the addition of current trends or developments related to it. Avoid selecting the topic that’s too broad.

Organizing the Subject Matter

You might get confused while researching for your assignment. It is, therefore, necessary to breakdown the topic into suitable sub-headings. You can then perform research on these sub-headings. This saves both your time and efforts related to the research.

Here’s an example: If you have chosen the topic: The impact of online retail on physical stores You can divide the topic into following sub-headings:
  • The rise of online stores
  • Why consumers prefer them
  • How are they affecting physical stores
  • Strategies the physical stores can use
  • Conclusion
You can read your textbooks or notes for sub-headings and the main content. Doing a Research

For some students, it is the most intimidating part of assignment writing. You can ease up the process by getting the support from online resources and virtual libraries.

Begin your research by reading the articles from Wikipedia. Here, you will find references and external resources at the end of the page. These resources have relevant information to help you prepare the assignment. You can use online resources from big publication houses, such as Wiley Publications, AIP Publishers, Routledge, and Sage and Blackwell. You need to pay a subscription fee to access the services of these resources. Check whether or not your university has subscribed for these.

Google Scholar is also a good online resource to get articles. You can also use Directory of Open Access Journals for this purpose.

Contact your faculty, as they might have access to paid online resources. And of course, your college libraries are ideal for getting relevant information for your topic.

Structuring the Assignment

The assignment is broadly divided into three major parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Introduction is the part where you can grab the attention of the reader. You can write an introduction in deductive or inductive style. In deductive style, a researcher shifts the topic from general to the specific via the process of deduction. In inductive style, a researcher shifts the topic from specific to the general. All the research findings are presented in the main body. Try to be analytical instead of being descriptive.

In the conclusion part, the topic is summarized. The researcher reminds the reader about the major arguments of the assignment.

Writing the Assignment

Now comes the main part of this guide. Though every segment discusses about writing the assignment, here we discuss the exact tips and what to avoid. The very first tip is to avoid the use of jargons. If you need to use technical words, explain them clearly.

While writing the assignment, consider both sides of an argument, and towards the end, reach to a possible solution. Split the essay into multiple paragraphs. This makes the essay look appealing and organized. Every paragraph must convey a particular thought or argument.

Avoid using clichéd statements in the conclusion. It should reflect your thinking rather than modified version of existing essays or papers.

Emphasize on grammar and spellings while writing the assignment. Recheck the assignment twice to ensure it is free of silly mistakes. Don’t just rely on MS Word or other writing software for grammatical issues. Use a professional tool for rectifying the errors, such as Reverso or Grammarly.


As a part of assignment writing, you need to do proper referencing (or citation). Different styles of citation include:

  • Chicago style of citation – It is mainly adopted for history, business, and fine arts
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) – It is adopted for the Humanities
  • APA (American Psychological Association) – It is used by Psychology, Education, and Sciences
Consult your professor to which style is to be used for your assignment.

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