Argumentative Essay on the Pros and Cons of Competitions: Are They Really Good?

Have you ever dealt with the competition? What do you feel about it? It is good or bad? What are the pros and cons of competition? Here is the essay you need to know the competition better. The students who need expert assistance for writing their essays can take it from BookMyEssay. Simply ask for argumentative essay writing help and get it done.

Competition: Is It Really Good?

Competition is something we all have dealt with once in our lifetime; it is human nature. In class, students have to compete with classmates to score better grades. In a workplace, co-workers compete in order to gain promotions and hikes. In the business world, businesses strive to build the best products. Competition is healthy and considered an important part of our everyday life. It helps in improving our performance and elevates growth.

For someone to win, someone else has to fail. If the loss is perceived as a positive attitude, it can be used as a way to learn from the mistakes and try even harder. By exerting the competition out of it, there will be no reason left for a person to do better and improve. This ends in people being no goal-oriented at all.

Competition always implies that person has to make efforts to accomplish the desired results. It demands spending not only physical but emotional energy. By overcoming individual boundations, an individual can become stronger psychologically and physically that positively contribute to the accomplishment of future goals and objectives.

The competition must be put in prospect. It cannot get taken away with the concept of obliging to win. Competition is good and can generate excellence, even for the person who is losing it, but it should be kept under control. The competition supports people to perform better, guides to more reliable outcomes and results, and advances growth. Competition can be understood as the force that motivates people to succeed. If there is no competition, it would be more difficult to encourage people. When put in prospect, competition can be considered an amazing way to attain goals, and it can bring out the potential in a person.

The competition also has some disadvantages. The constant pressure of doing better when you are dealing with it can get to you. Other than that, paying more attention on how to bring down your competitors can put some relationship with them in some serious conditions. This can be overcome by keeping things friendly and focusing more on doing better rather than bringing others down.

To conclude, it is important to understand that no process in the life of person is simple. Being competitive, just like any other thing in the world comes with significant advantages and disadvantages. This is all about how you perceive them. Take it as an excellent opportunity to prove yourself!

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