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Are you ready to learn how to design a database for your blog management?  BookMyEssay is here for your help. We’ll provide you MySQL Programming Assignment Help in just a simple process. Our professional will guide you in every step of your assignment.

Our experts will provides complete knowledge of how you can design a database blog in MySQL to manage your customers and blog posts. These database design can be used to further develop a website of blog or application of mobile.

Overview of Blog Database

If you want to keep your database for your blog it should be simple and develop a minimum viable product, it doesn’t include many advanced features such as versioning and reviewing blog posts.  It gives you an option to review comments of your blog post to avoid spamming so that only valid comments are published and displayed on the page of blog. You can easily get Academic Writing Assignment Help in every subject.

While writing blog database the foremost step is to build a Database for blog.  It can be make using the query as shown below.

Table of Users Information

In this session, we will create the table related to the information of users . The same table can be used to relate to you so that you can manage your posts.

Unique ID -  In this you have to write the identity of the user.

User’s First Name – User’s first name.

User’s Middle Name – User’s middle name .

Users Surname- Surname of the user’s.

User’s Mobile number- Mobile number of the user just only for the process of registration.

Email address of the user- Email id of the user for login and registration purpose.

User’s Password hash- Password hash of the user.

User’s Last Login details - This can be used to identify the last login of the user.

User’s Identification- It is the short introduction of the author to be displayed on every blog post.Profile author information to be shown on author page.

Difference Between Tag Table and Post Tag Table Have a Look

These types of tables are simply the Category and post of Category in the form of tables, you can easily design your blog table and Post Tags table. There are many differences between category each other are given below.

The columns of Parented are not used in the Tags table. Apart from this you can get MySQL Assignment help by BookMyEssay Categories number always small as from the main menu and it can be used to for the purpose of Navigation.  There can be more tags than categories. In related Blogs post both categories and tags can be used.

In blog post you should be assigned only few categories but the tags number can be more.

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