Are you Finding the Differentiation of Descriptive and Inferential Statistics? let’s Find Out!

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What are the Difference Between Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Descriptive and inferential statistics is a branch of maths that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of numerical data. These both are basically a collection of quantitative data.

Descriptive statistics provides information about the data which is raw that’s why it describes the data in some way. Inferential statistics provides you inferences about the sample using the data obtained from the population.

 Descriptive statistics is very helpful in organizing, analyzing and presenting the data in a accurate way. Inferential statistics gives you to compare data and make hypotheses and you can also do predictions.

 Descriptive statistics is used to describe any  situation in a given population. Inferential statistics is used to explain the probability of any event which is occur.

Descriptive statistics analysis the data which is already known and is only limited to a small size sample. Descriptive statistics will try to reach the end about the sample. Whereas inferential statistics is done through charts, graphs, tables and so on.

Types of Statistics

  • Theoretical statistics
  • Applied Statistics
Meaning of Descriptive statistics

The Descriptive statistics is a word that describes or analysis the data. It shows and summarize the data in a very meaningful way.  This is a simple process to describe your data.  Descriptive statistics is very crucial to represent your raw data in an ineffective way of using number calculations or with the help of graphs or tables also.  In already known data descriptive statistics is applied.

Let’s Check Out the Types of of Descriptive Statistics

  • central tendency measure
  • variability measure
Meaning of Inferential Statistics

An inferential statistics is a predictions which is made about any set of data that interests you.  This inferential statistics can be defined as a  sample of random data which is taken from a population to analyse and create conclusions about the total population. There are different set of data that contains all the data in which you are interested in is called a population.  Inferential statistics provide you to do easily predictions by taking a small population sample instead of working on a overall population.

From the above Blog you got the idea about the differentiation between descriptive and inferential statistics. Now you can easily complete your assignment of statistics.

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