Apprehending the Nature of "Constitution of the United Kingdom"

A Constitution of the country modulate the relationship between individuals and states, regulate the state structure (regional /federal / unitary) and set up the framework for government (bicameral, constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system). In more concise word, constitution are majorly defines the political power and authority.

It can be in the different form such as written, unwritten, codified, uncodified, flexible, inflexible, etc. The students who are pursuing the constitutional law studies can ask professionals for constitutional law assignment help. However, in this blog, we will introduce you to the “constitution of the United Kingdom” which is unwritten. Let’s learn more about it.

Salient Features of "Constitution of the United Kingdom"

Unwritten The most important features of the United Kingdom’s constitution is that it’s unwritten. Nothing is written is one precise document and this is perhaps why this is called British constitution. Unlike other written constitutions, this is the one that is majorly based on political traditions and conventions that have not been written down in any formal document. It is generally the product of a constituent assembly. In comparison to the Indian constitution, the longest written constitution of the world the British constitution is unwritten. Evolutionary

Another major feature of British constitution is that it is the model of evolutionary development. There was no constituent assembly that formed this law. Its development has unimpaired continuity for over a period of thousand years. The British Constitution is a model of chance and wisdom. If we compare it with the Indian Constitution then this has some differences as well as similarities on specific aspects.

The British Constitution is different from Indian Constitution to some extent. Although, Indian Constitutions is in the form of written document with the well-structured provisions. This is wide open to make amendments. On the other hand, in British Constitution it is difficult to make amendments according to the sensibilities and needs of the time.

Sovereignty of Parliament

The Sovereignty simple means superior power. Hence, this is another most important characteristics of the Constitution of United Kingdom. In the absence of the written and long constitution the British Parliament is under sovereignty. You can get more information about this by taking assignment writing help from professionals.


If we talk about flexible constitution then British constitution is one classic example for it. This can be passed, amended and transformed with a simple majority. It requires the presence of 50% of the members and their votes of the Parliament. Between an ordinary law and constitutional law, there is no scope for distinction as they are treated alike. The flexibility element offers the adaptability virtue to the constitution of the United Kingdom. It is one of the quality that enabled it to grow according to the requirements of the time.

Parliamentary Executive

Britain is the century with Parliamentary kind of government. The sovereign King is penurious of all his authorities and powers. The Ministers of the Britain are the original functionaries. Most of them belong to the Parliament of ruling party. They stay in the office as long as they keep its confidential.

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