5 Basic Phases of Project Management According to our Experts

As we know that Project Management is the most wanted profession these days as every business whether it is industrial industry, merchandise industry or any type of firm all want for a project manager. That’s why scholars doing masters in Project Management and looking for a good assignment writing help to complete the assignment of Project Management.

Project Management is a discipline work on standard principles, procedure, and different stratagems to manage a project. It holds the planning, organizing and implementing a project. Basically, Project Management proposal makes the project work orderly. It contains all the strategies related to the project from starting point to ending point. Necessity of Project Management assignment writing help has been increased all over the world.

 Project Management expresses a way to accomplish the knowledge, skill, tools, and methods to a huge range of actions in order to meet the necessities of a project. The basic requirement of the Project Management is to regulator and direct the project from start to end. It has primarily 5 basis steps to control and direct the project. These steps are:

  • Initiation: In this first phase, you need to introduce the project in addition to the strategy your plan in step to achieve the goal. Here, you discuss the project point in front of the team so that they can get the brief idea about the project and their related step. So that your team get the idea about project.
  • Planning: This is one of the important step to start a project. In this phase you will make a plan that defines every step pf execution of your project. To make it successfully you need to include a detailed breakdown and assignment of each task of your project from starting to ending. In this phase, a team should prioritize the project task, also calculate the budget and determine what resources are needed during the project.
  • Execution: This phase is difficult than another stage because in this stage you will start executing your plan with many risks. You need to ensure that all project activities are properly executed. Here you need to solve all the problem on priority basis. So that you will get the positive result.
  • Control: In this phase you need to compare the project status with your planning. Here you can also change and edit the plan according the execution.
  • Closure: At the time when you reach on this final stage, being a project manager you ned to ensure that the project is brought to its proper result. It is mainly highlighted by the written format as project review report. This report contains all the details related to project like Acceptance of the project by client, experience, project resources and project completion notification to upper management.

All the project and project management process are different for every industry. These are the main phases used by every project management because at end goal is typically same for every management to offer a product in best way.

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