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Authority and Responsibility Assignment Help

Authority and responsibility are regarded as the two most essential factors for the efficient operation of a corporation. For management to achieve its purpose of establishing a solid organizational structure, effective authority and responsibility relationships must be established. On a regular basis, it has been seen that students acquire an interest in a subject but are uncomfortable with the work of completing assignments. Therefore, students anticipate the professional assistance of BookMyEssay's authors in order to get incomparable assignment assistance, such as Authority and Responsibility Assignment Help. We assist students in a variety of methods so that their assignment papers always get high marks.

What is meant by Authority and Responsibility?

Authority is understood as the ability to issue commands and compel obedience. Therefore, we may say that authority is the ability to make judgments and the optimal way for delivering instructions, commanding subordinates, and requiring team compliance. Additionally, authority is the manager's right to make decisions. Responsibility, on the other hand, refers to the circumstance in which individuals become responsible or accountable for a trust, duty, debt, or whatever else. Thus, responsibility may be defined as the duty to do a given task in the best way feasible.

According to this theory, given the tight relationship between power and responsibility, these two should go hand in hand. Therefore, the adequate authority should be assigned in order to fulfill the tasks.

Kinds of Authority

There are primarily two types of authority, which are:

Official Authority - This is the authority that gives a manager the authority to command his subordinates based on his position or classification within the organization.

Personal Authority - Personal authority denotes the capacity to influence the conduct of others within an organization.

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Relationship between authority and responsibility

In the realms of business, authority and responsibility must be matched appropriately. Authority is the formal capacity for making a decision or carrying out an action. For instance, a manager may be given the ability to hire new employees and spend a certain amount of money for a specified goal.

He may also choose a supplier, establish objectives and timelines, and sign a purchase order. In addition to organizing meeting rooms and submitting purchase orders for office supplies and regular restocking, a secretary may also be granted the right to sign certain papers.

Responsibility is the duty associated with executing a task. The person accountable for the task stays accountable for the results. For instance, a project manager is expected to deliver project-related responsibilities as directed by his supervisor. Consequently, responsibility also refers to the obligations and tasks allocated to a project manager, who may be required to coordinate the team. Consequently, the project manager has responsibility for team organization.

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What makes Authority and Responsibility different?

The legal power of a manager to issue instructions is referred to as authority, but accountability is the corollary, or consequence, of authority.

A person's position inside an organization determines his authority, i.e., if he has a higher position, he is granted greater responsibilities, and vice versa. However, the connection between superior and subordinate is the cornerstone of accountability.

Authority necessitates the capacity to provide instructions and commands, while accountability necessitates the ability to obey or comply with instructions.

The desire for authority entails making judgments and carrying them out, while responsibility refers to carrying out obligations set by superiors.

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