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Atom Assignment Help

A bit of matter is an atom. Matter makes up everything. As a result, everything is made up of atoms. Protons, electrons, and neutrons are the three particles that make up an atom. The nucleus of an atom is composed of neutrons and protons, and electrons rotate around it. Atom Assignment Help Online is provided by BookMyEssay to Chemistry students. Our instructors have extensive knowledge and training in areas ranging from fundamental chemistry to advanced chemistry. When you use our writing services, you will quickly comprehend the subject and get all of your questions answered.

What is an Atom?

An atom is a fundamental unit of matter. The name "atom" is derived from the Greek word "indivisible," since it was formerly believed that an atom was the tiniest item in the world and could not be separated. Atoms are made up of three particles: neutrons, protons, and electrons, which are made up of smaller particles called quarks.

An atom must have an equal amount of electrons and protons, and most atoms have an equal number of protons and neurons. Every electron is negatively charged. The nucleus is positively charged and contains one or more heavy particles known as neutrons and protons.

Electrons and protons have equal and opposing charges, and an atom has an equal amount of electrons and protons. Normally, atoms are neutral.

An Atom Structure

The structure of an atom is explained in our Atom Assignment Help as follows:
  • atomic nucleus
  • nucleus part

The atomic nucleus is the core of an atom and is made up of positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons. The greater portion of the extra nucleus is made up of negatively charged particles known as electrons. An electron rotates around the nucleus's core or orbit. The attraction between electrons and protons holds an atom together.

The lone exception is hydrogen, which is composed entirely of subatomic particles. Hydrogen is made up of one electron and one proton but no neutrons. Because the atomic nucleus is made up of fixed protons that attract the same amount of electrons, atoms are electrically neutral. Ions are created by removing or adding electrons from atoms.

Atoms make compounds and molecules

Atoms like to be among others rather than alone. Because they are more stable, many atoms combine with other atoms. Hydrogen atoms do not live on their own; instead, they combine to form a hydrogen molecule. Molecules are the smallest amount of compounds. A compound is a material composed of at least two atoms.

When two separate elements combine, they form a new material. A water molecule is composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Water is both a compound and a molecule since it is generated by the combining of atoms. Each molecule is not as simple and little as water. Plastic molecules are composed of hundreds of thousands of atoms linked together in lengthy chains known as polymers.

Charge of an atom

Every atom is labeled either with a “-“, “+”, or “0”. The symbols are a charge of a particle. The electron has a negative or a “-“ charge. Proton has a “+” charge. If an atom has neutral or “0” charge, it means it has an equal number of protons and electrons. Neutron is a third particle and it has a zero charge.

As explained by our Atom Assignment Help experts, the number of protons that are present in an atom does not alter, extra or fewer electrons may create a special atom known as an ion. Anions consist of additional electrons and they make a negative charge. Cations have lesser number of electrons and they have a positive charge.

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